Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited energy) 11.0.0

Updated 14/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameMurder in Alps: Hidden Mystery APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited energy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery MOD APK detail?
  • V1: The purchased game manual can be opened during gameplay by clicking the button on the top right with a question mark.
  • V2: Unlimited Energy

Introduce MOD APK Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery

The mysterious murders will be realized in Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery. Only you can solve the problems for the police and find the culprit. This is a job only for those who are capable and observant. Lots of essential items can become clues for you to rely on. Our talents will be revealed in the most challenging circumstances. No one should be allowed to run away from the supreme law. This adventure will lead you to many other new and exciting things.

The object search game series is becoming more and more enjoyable to many different players. All thanks to the entertainment it gives us to dispel fatigue quickly. Our typical representative today is Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery. This is a game set in a train set on a massive Apls node array with strange guests. The mysterious murders and the detective nature will make you unable to sit still. Have to speculate and develop the ability to observe through the game screen.

Murder in Alps Hidden Mystery mod

Download Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery mod – Find mysteries in murders

As a female detective, you accidentally get into big trouble while on the train back home. Several guests on each carriage suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. You realize that there are many unusual things when the bodies of these people are found. Ten characters have been limited to charges related to the case. Now you will need to find other items to serve your investigation. They are hidden in the suspicious locations you just saw. It is necessary to observe closely to avoid missing the essential details that such objects bring. Difficulties are still behind, and you need to overcome them.

Answer the question

This journey of ours will be thrilling and filled with various mysteries. They will be divided into several story chapters, each bringing a specific piece of content. Here there will be levels corresponding to the times when you collect clues. The objects will be arranged in a variety of different contexts. They will be camouflaged naturally with their colors and patterns. What we can deal with is focusing on their descriptions. That way, it is possible to guess the presence of each item in each part. Cups of water, vases, knives, and keys are the clues.

Murder in Alps Hidden Mystery mod free

Use hints

Sometimes we will be complicated by high difficulty challenges and cannot find the required items. There is a pretty effective solution to use the available suggestions. These hints will show you the key to recognizing random objects. When we are stuck, we can immediately use it to solve the problem. Rest assured that the instructions from the suggestion will be easy to understand and specific for you to accomplish your goal quickly. From there, recognize the problems and be able to complete the challenge and receive the reward. But do not rely too much on these instructions because they are limited.

Murder in Alps Hidden Mystery mod apk

Interact with characters

We will meet quite a few people who are closely related to the cases on this trip. Some people will help you in the process of investigating essential clues. The center of attention is the ten suspects on your list. They will disclose their actions and locations before and during the murder. Maybe it was a lie, but it could also be the truth. The detective’s job will be to analyze them and find the unreasonable points. Thus, it is possible to quickly find out the motive of the perpetrator to commit the crime and rely on that. These are incredibly clever and sophisticated murders of barbarians.

Murder in Alps Hidden Mystery mod android

Sightseeing everywhere

Gaming is only part of the goal each of us wants when it comes to it. There is another factor to seeing the beautiful scenery of the landmarks in the world. You will see the white snow stretching on the majestic high peaks lying around. The coziness in the train compartments with high-class and luxurious things. The dark tunnels were filled with lights and the sound of engines. These contexts will be the background for the levels you have to conquer. Try to go as far as you can, and you will see even more in Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery mod.

How to Download & Install Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited energy) for Android


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