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Updated 19/05/2021 (3 years ago)
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Introduce MOD APK AntVentor

Often games are divided into many different genres. There are violent action games, and there are chaotic and tactical games. And today we will come to a story-telling puzzle game. It’s AntVentor, the adventure of a tiny ant that doesn’t seem to be worth paying attention to. But has won countless awards around the best story and gameplay over the years. What is interesting behind the adventures of this ant. I think you should learn them yourself or read this article.

Bring the Point and Click genre, which are games where you will control your character with just a mouse pointer or finger. Move the character through the journeys in the game, perform the main operations for that character. Mainly puzzles to know the fascinating stories. Many lessons for gamers and stimulate thinking, intelligence, and problem-solving ability. In AntVentor there will be obstacles and troubles that ants encounter. You will be the one to troubleshoot those problems so that the ant continues to move forward.

AntVentor mod

Download AntVentor – Journey to learn the biological world

Like the little ant, your journey begins with the world in a strange grass. Because they are ants, everything is much larger than normal. From the rocks is now a giant rock. Insects are the real giants. The small holes become a cave so you can go into it if you like. Just use your hand to click anywhere, your ant will go there. Very simple and friendly. The rest is an adventure of escaping from enemies, solving puzzles, and getting to know the outside world.

Going not far, you will encounter new terrains and objects. Allowed to interact with them freely. Sometimes it will help you in certain situations. As for the terrain. They lead to many new areas that hide many puzzles around them. You have to use your great intelligence. Answer all to overcome that terrain. Go to the next place. This boring-sounding trip will be very new and strange now that you are a little ant.

AntVentor mod free

Meet many lovely and friendly characters

Stay on this trip to the outside world. We will encounter creatures that also live in the wild very familiar. Like a lovely spider knitting webs together. The scarab friend doesn’t seem very happy with the large crab claws in his hand, constantly moving. Of course, on the tree, there will be crows waiting to attack you at any time. A cast of characters who are animals in the wild has brought a large ecosystem. Again provides many hints to make it easier for you to handle the puzzles. Use caution when approaching individual animals.

AntVentor mod apk

Follow the story of the little ant

The official story is about a clever ant named Florantine. Have cherished the dream of seeing the outside world for a long time. This ant has adventured through many lands. Meet interesting characters. Moreover, you have to use your intelligence to solve difficult puzzles. Although this is only the first chapter in the AntTrilogy series. The world of optical macros has been shown a bit by the developer at the beginning. Create a sense of excitement and look forward to the next part of the player community. Worthy is a story expressed through a video game extremely profound about the biological world.

AntVentor photos

The messages are conveyed

Through this opening, we can all feel the world through the perspective of an ant. How great and great, all worries and sorrows removed. Immerse yourself in a land where animals live together in their own way. Not to mention the environmental factor that the developer wants to show through AntVentor. When personal items in human life such as toothpaste tube. Abandoned in the middle of the forest. Alluding to the fact that people are littering a lot into the environment. Causing serious damage to the ecosystem and the natural laws of nature. This is a wake-up call for people to stand up and correct themselves.

AntVentor mod mod

We have heard and learned a lot of lessons about environmental protection and human responsibility. But perhaps it couldn’t be more profound and real than we see its consequences first-hand. See the messages being delivered as in AntVentor. Only people realize their wrongdoing. Let’s adventure with the little ant, explore the colorful natural world and protect the environment. Just download AntVentor mod completely for free.

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