House Designer: Fix & Flip MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2006

Updated 01/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameHouse Designer: Fix & Flip APK
PublisherKarate Goose Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK House Designer: Fix & Flip

Have you ever tried redecorating an entire house by yourself to refresh it? If you haven’t, go to House Designer: Fix & Flip and try this job right away. Hand-selected all the highest quality and most satisfactory furniture. Arrange and move things, so they are in a more precise position. Clean up all the clutter and make the house shiny. Become a highly skilled interior designer.

In general, design simulation games always bring creativity to us. With House Designer: Fix & Flip, interior design is a potential field. You can carry out the operations you want to perfect the product. Everything is made in highly detailed 3D and easy to control. The diverse options will give you the ability to turn your imagination into reality. Create a new life with many exciting things waiting.

House Designer Fix Flip mod

Download House Designer: Fix & Flip mod – Design all the furniture according to your taste

What makes a house beautiful is not just its exterior. There are also things arranged inside to create a great space. In there is furniture such as cabinets, tables, chairs or kitchens for each person’s cooking. Your task is to transform sketchy and simple houses and make them the most comfortable and complete accommodations that can captivate anyone. Start by cleaning up all the clutter and filth. Then clean every room in the house with the necessary tools. Finally, unleash your creativity and replace the furniture in the home according to your preferences.

Interior design

The first thing to start your design process is to have a home as a practice goal. You can buy it with the money you earn depending on the condition. After the cleaning is done, you will have a lot of compelling options. Start organizing everyday items into each room type. For example, you will place the bed, wardrobe, and other things in the bedroom. In the kitchen, you can add cooking utensils such as an oven or a refrigerator. Proceed to decorate the walls with a variety of paints to create a feeling of luxury and cosiness. There is no time limit, do it at your own pace.

House Designer Fix Flip mod free

Take care of the garden

Not only working with furniture, but you can also renovate the garden in any house. Your job will be to cut and clean all the weeds in the park. Then plant a variety of different aesthetic plants around. Arrange them in the positions that you think are most suitable for the landscape. Some plants grow in the ground, and plants hang on baskets or pots to arrange anywhere. In houses with a lot of money, we will have both swimming pools and playgrounds. The larger the garden area, the more exciting things can be accommodated. We are constantly learning to improve their aesthetics in each project.

Buy, fix and sell

Most of the houses you buy will be old and very degraded houses from the furniture left inside to the damage of the building. Let’s fix it by cleaning up and removing all the unnecessary and badly damaged things. Those can also be sold for cash and added to your fund. Then replace all the furniture in the house and turn it into a classic or modern style. It’s up to you. Once you’ve finished the work and feel satisfied, you can keep it yourself or sell it. The sale of these homes will also bring huge profits. Turn shabby places into livable havens.

House Designer Fix Flip mod apk

Renovating the houses

House Designer: Fix & Flip will give you specific tasks to follow. Each mission will require you to perform a particular routine: cleaning, painting walls, fixing furniture, or cleaning the backyard swimming pool. Each mission also gives you a certain amount of bonuses. The more difficult and time consuming the task, the more resources it will bring to you. Each home requires a different type of repair and arrangement. The more projects you do, the more you can develop your skills. You can come up with more new ideas and apply them yourself. No one can judge how you create your work.

Interior design for a house seems complicated but is very simple. As long as you have enough confidence and passion, House Designer: Fix & Flip mod will always accompany you.

How to Download & Install House Designer: Fix & Flip MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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