The Fishercat MOD APK 4.3.6 (Unlimited money, gears)

Updated on 13/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameThe Fishercat APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, gears
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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What could be better than finding a game that relieves the pressure? You play the game gently and calmly. Do you like fishing? And the cats too? If you satisfy the above two things, the game called The Fishercat is the place to experience here. The name of the game may have given you a favor to download this game. Best of all, enjoy playing it for you to see yourself right when playing it.

Welcome to a place of tranquility – The Fishercat. A very interesting and funny cartoon game. Suitable for players who always feel the pressure in their current life. Game entertainment to help you feel most comfortable. Explore the vast oceanic world for yourself. Search for new and interesting things at the bottom of the ocean. This is a game perfect for those who love to fish or simply want to have a great time with a lovely cat. Stickman Battle Fight, Grow Turret is a game without the battles but it is for people who like simplicity.

The Fishercat mod

Download The Fishercat mod – Fishing with cute cats

You play as a fishing cat on a romantic island with no human shadow. As a cat that knows how to fish. Sitting and watching on the lawn carefree drop the fishing rod to watch the clear sky. Your companion is a gray cat, always demanding fish. Although it may seem like a greyish that can only eat, it will pay you some money for continuing to fish for it. You will experience a normal, daily life fishing in your boat. Take advantage of nature to survive with adventure new things that nature offers.

Hunt fish to earn new achievements. A boat, a diving suit, a water gun, and a good spirit will keep you happy while diving for hunting. Try to become a master at hunting fish. Extremely simple gameplay will make you feel nothing too difficult. In addition, your island has a mailbox. Every day there will be letters from friends outside asking you. Accompanied by the newspapers are read daily with much interesting information.

The Fishercat mod apk

The full number of tools

In order to breathe under longer, convenient to catch many new fish species, you will need to upgrade your oxygen tank. Not only that, but you can also upgrade the javelin rod to deal with big and strong fish. There are many javelin guns for you to choose from. Find a gun that’s right for you, buy it, and go hunting new fish species you’ve never seen before. In addition to hunting tools, The Fishercat will give you bait, to attract a crowd of fish. Then you just need to catch them more easily.

The Fishercat mod apk free

Lots of beautiful fish

Every fish that you just find will be included in your collection. Documentation of species such as size, shape, characteristics… will be recorded in the notebook. There are many fish with unique shapes and a bit of monstrosity, typically colorful badminton balls, light bulbs, coins,… More fish will help you have a richer collection. Not only that, when you catch the specified number of fish, you will receive a matching reward.

The Fishercat free

Large map

Hunting in one location can be boring. So the game will always go out to new undersea islands for you to satisfy your diverse discovery of all kinds of new marine life. Not only fishing in the ocean, but you can also try hunting in a zero-gravity environment in outer space. It can be difficult to stand in a position to balance gravity. But this will be a new thing and requires you to position accordingly. Let’s adventure into more new and mysterious areas at The Fishercat!

The Fishercat mod mod

Build a large aquarium

If you like the lovely fish here, you absolutely can build an aquarium to your liking. Build yourself a large natural aquarium. Design different styles, decorate coral beaches or colorful oases. Drop a few fish that you want to let them roam freely here. You can upgrade the aquarium to increase the area, as well as increase the number of fishes to drop in. Be careful, because there will be predatory fish!

The Fishercat mod free

It can be said, The Fishercat is a simulation game quite interesting and new for all players. A gentle entertaining game. Along with simple gameplay, diverse marine life. If you like the peace with fishing, this game will not disappoint you from the very first seconds. Set sail with a beautiful ship. Snorkel and explore the vast ocean world. Turn into a cat that knows how to fish and start your journey right now at The Fishercat mod.

Download The Fishercat MOD APK (Unlimited money, gears) for Android

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