Time Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameTime Wars APK
PublisherLSG - Little Star Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Time Wars is a new tower defense game emerging after previous defense games. It blows into the gaming community a new breeze with fresh gameplay and diverse game modes. A diverse mix of heroes from all different eras. This is a war across space and time. When the life of the ages is taking place according to certain laws and sequences. From the past to the present and the future is running a peaceful process. The time machine set in the future has encountered a serious problem. It caused an explosion of conflict between space and time. The timelines become chaotic and cause wars between the ages.

Because it’s a war of time, there’s a mix of locations and heroes from different eras. When the time breakdown occurs, people’s lives become chaotic. Everyone has a tendency to run around and get involved in wars over the living area. Your job is to build a powerful army, protect your base and location. Your army can completely include the strongest people from three different timelines. It is the modern heroes of the future, the powerful heroes of the present, and the mighty generals of the past. Buy them with your winnings.

Time Wars mod

Download Time Wars mod – Time war opens between the most powerful armies

The Time Wars battle area is divided into two areas by a yellow line. The area your army defends is made in the shape of a chessboard with alternating squares. The player arranges the heroes in the most suitable cells to attack the enemy. There are also cells left to build a base on. Your place consists of 35 empty squares arranged in a 7×5 scale. Initially, the player is opened the first row closest to the border adjacent to the enemy. Then if you want room to strengthen the army, the player must spend money to buy more space. When an enemy arrives, there is a circular pepper on the screen. Take it to the most crowded place to shoot.

Time Wars mod apk

Various battle locations

Because it is a war across space and time, the battlefields are mixed between different locations. These places carry the familiar style and imprint of each era. A road bearing the color of green trees with two sides the road are huge rocks. Or the same road, but the battle took place at night, making this place covered in gray color. It could also be a road with half a forest of tall trees. The other side is a modern street with houses and cars parked on the road. Countless new roads are waiting for you to explore ahead.

Time Wars apk

Various heroes

Time Wars offers a large number of heroes from different time frames. Everyone has strengths that only that time period has. There are mobile heroes with gray suits and human-sized shields of the same color. Or farmers wearing felt hats, holding sharp rakes, hoes, and spears. Commando soldier with blue clothes, holding a modern AK gun that shoots fiery bullets. Soldiers with familiar green clothes and guns that shoot high-powered grenades. The stronger the heroes, the more money you have to spend to buy back.

Time Wars apk free

More than 200 game levels

As a screen-based action game, Time Wars offers levels from easy to difficult for players. The requirement of the game is calculated by the number of enemies that you need to destroy. For example, at level 26, you have to destroy the young people from ancient times. The number of kills is 55 people, and they come all at once, making you unable to react. Track the number of enemies on the yellow column on the right corner of the screen. But not, the number will increase with each level. It also depends on whether the enemy at this level is easy to deal with or not. As at level 207, the number of enemies the player needs to destroy is only 40 people, but most of them are police and thugs, protesters.


Besides mass shooting, players can use tactical attacks to support the battle. Time Wars provides players with white rockets in the left corner of the screen. They carry a powerful destructive power. Since the number is limited, use the rockets wisely. Choose when the enemy is most crowded to launch this missile. Collect a lot of gold coins to shop for items, heroes, weapons, rockets,…Download Time Wars mod time war between the ages.

Download Time Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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