Grow Turret MOD APK (High damage) 8.1.5

Updated 18/04/2024 (2 days ago)
NameGrow Turret APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
MOD FeaturesHigh damage
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Introduce MOD APK Grow Turret

Successful gamers always create a special attraction. Because they are extremely tactical and require players to carefully calculate new strategies to repel the enemy. However, if you have the desire to try out a slightly more idle player, I think Grow Turret is definitely right for you. With a simple click play on the screen. More convenient when you do not need to do any other operations on the screen. You can play games anytime, anywhere without feeling inconvenient or manipulating too much with the smartphone screen.

Grow Turret may not be recognized as a mainstream player. But with the theme of upgrading tower defense and destroying monsters. In part, we can still call it a tactical defense game. The difference here is that you focus on developing only one defense. Turn it into a machine to destroy hundreds, thousands of monsters and bosses. Of course, the gameplay will not be too difficult to learn.

Grow Turret mod

Download Grow Turret mod – Creative and new goalkeeper

At the beginning of the game, we have a small gun turret located in the middle of a square area surrounded by solid walls. In the first stages, basic monsters will appear. They move close together and run around the edge of your wall. You do not need to use any manipulation, the gun turret will automatically aim at monsters and fire. They possess a health mark and will slowly drop after the shot. When they die, they will give you some gold and experience to level up. Leveling up will help you upgrade the basics of the fortress, change to a new fortress or learn skills.

Every 10 levels of a round will appear giant bosses of that level. Like the subordinates, it will move around the walls without being able to reach you. But one thing to note is its lifespan is limited compared to small monsters. You must destroy it before the time runs on top of it to zero. Otherwise, it will disappear and you cannot get any reward. So upgrade your fortress very strongly to prepare for timed boss battles. Since you know the boss will appear from the final stage of the round, prepare everything carefully.

Grow Turret mod apk

Types of towers with various upgrades

At the beginning of the game, you have a gun turret with a barrel and firepower is at a moderate level. Suitable for destroying monsters in the early rounds, if you can upgrade them a bit more rate of fire. But the single-barrel tower won’t work for later sets. When the number of monsters increasingly dense and difficult to control. So the most effective solution is to upgrade and change to a new fortress. For example, a fort with 2 guns, firepower, and speed will be doubled. Or a cannon with a barrel larger than normal and with an impressive amount of damage. Depending on the types of monsters, choosing a turret will become extremely important.

Grow Turret mod free

Monster hunting mode

If you feel bored because you have to stand still to defend yourself from monster attacks. Try Hunting mode right away, in which both the fortress and your protective wall are carried into a large container truck and moved forward. From a distance appeared monsters classified according to ranks that were responsible for breaking the wall. You will have to use the strength of the current fortress, shoot and destroy all of them. Proceed to the boss of the curtain and don’t let it destroy the protective wall. If it succeeds, the level will immediately end and you are considered a loser. If you win, you will receive a reward.

Grow Turret mod mod

Achievements and supporting factors

In addition to strong fortresses and skills required upgrades. Grow Turret also offers you countless ways to make your fortress stronger in any case. These include special effects obtained when reaching certain levels. They have a multitude of effects to turn your fortress into a real machine of destruction. Like an effect that greatly increases the rate of fire. Critical damage to all shots… Mainly they are bought with diamonds, the currency we earn when we achieve a certain achievement such as leveling up, killing bosses, completing a round …

Grow Turret free

Grow Turret has very simple gameplay, you don’t need to do much in this game except when you upgrade the parts of the fortress or receive rewards for achievements. With just a few simple steps, you have a powerful defense tower without fear of any monsters. Just play and enjoy to reach high levels. Extremely suitable for stress relief or mind relaxation. Download the Grow Turret mod and become an intellectual goalkeeper!

How to Download & Install Grow Turret MOD APK (High damage) for Android


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