Nora’s Ark MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Material/Move) 0.8.8

Updated 11/11/2023 (4 months ago)
NameNora’s Ark APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money/Material/Move
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Nora’s Ark

Nora’s Ark is a popular puzzle game with attractive colourful blocks. The adventure occurs in Nora’s universe with a special mission just for you. This mission is to protect the planet Nora and its inhabitants. Can you complete this mission? Be an angel that brings colour to devastated worlds. The light of colours connects the worlds. Players fly from planet to earth, just where there is difficulty. With the power of intellect and the ability to solve puzzles more than humans, you can bring the light of happiness to those planets.

The game is quite interesting when it starts with a video showing off the player’s unique abilities. A level puzzle game from easy to difficult. These levels correspond to the stars in the vast, enveloped sky. Every time you go to the next level, a light line connects to that star. You take the form of a white luminescent alien animal. You are wearing a robe of the same colour with a happy face. Each time the player moves the coloured blocks, the animal’s ears move very vividly. The interface and operation of Nora’s Ark are relatively easy to use when displayed on the screen.

Noras Ark apk free

Download Nora’s Ark mod – A puzzle game that brings colour to devastated planets.

It is a level puzzle game by arranging coloured stones. The first level is usually a tutorial for those who have never played. A white hand shows up and guides the player step by step. Move only stones of the same colour and shape in a line of at least three. When such a row is arranged, these stones will disappear. They turn into scores stored back for you, after which the following stones take their place. Just keep moving the coloured balls like objects logically to be able to complete the requirements that the game sets for you.

Noras Ark apk

Animal Rescue

In the game’s challenge, animals are stuck between the stones. Any animal can be trapped here. From the bear, the lion, the deer, the leopard… Any animal living in the forests can be trapped here and need your help to escape. Go out. To rescue animals, the player needs to move the disappearing stones. So that the position of the animal will move down gradually, just touching the edge of where the rocks are stored, animals can escape. Only when rescuing all trapped animals can the player complete the mission.

Noras Ark mod apk

Multiple locations

Many planets have been and are threatened; players must rescue them. Corresponding to each world, the creatures and scenery here also change. From there can diversify challenges as well as change locations. This also brings fun to the player, avoiding boredom. Maybe in the middle of a forest with deep spreading trees. Or next to a poetic dark purple mountainside. It could also be next to the river flowing around the rocks lined up close together. The effects that Nora’s Ark brings are incredibly colourful. Players immerse themselves in the light the game gets.

Noras Ark mod

Support operation

When a player makes more than three straight lines in a move, this can create beneficial stones. For example, if you create five stones of the same colour, you can own a rainbow of seven colours. This stone can disappear all the stones of the colour you choose. Or forming a line with four balls of the same colour can make a straight or horizontal line disappear. In addition, if you put four stones close together to form a square, you can turn into a bird. Just touch this bird-shaped stone, and it will fly away and eat any other stone.

Noras Ark android

In addition to the puzzle timeframe, players can build their kingdoms. A grid is made up of hexagons stacked together. This is the foundation where you can put your feet on it. Build your empire, and design areas. Use this as a habitat for the animals you have saved through the levels. Overcome the onerous requirements and challenges that the game brings. Download Nora’s Ark mod and arrange colourful stones to rescue animals and destroyed planets.

How to Download & Install Nora’s Ark MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Material/Move) for Android


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