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Updated 05/09/2023 (6 months ago)
NameThe Eyes of Ara APK
Publisher100 Stones Interactive
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SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara MOD APK – is where you will embark on an exciting adventure in fantasy lands with countless miracles ahead. Explore ancient architecture that seems to exist only in the imagination. Break magical seals in many different forms with your intelligence. Learn about what the villagers tell, the past of a town hidden deep in the woods and completely isolated from the outside world. Go to a place that emits strange signals that make you feel attracted. Dive deep into the scariest places no one has ever been to to discover the secrets.

The game will be mainly about exploring and handling situations with beautiful scenes, eye-catching effects and artefacts to collect. This will require your ability to handle the situation quickly but ensure absolute accuracy and avoid losing time. Because once you lack the necessary things, you will have to go back to find them, which will cause many obstacles in the exploration process. It will disrupt your thinking, and sometimes you will forget essential instructions. In addition, you also have to remember the old details so that you can use them whenever you encounter unexpected obstacles in the way.

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Download The Eyes of Ara MOD APK – A journey to find the source of the mysterious energy flow

The scene in the game is set in real things in the past; the objects and architecture of the past always make people feel nostalgic. You will control a character to explore the island exceptionally far from the mainland, where the weathered castle was built. It was an extremely foreign place for modern people, and no one seemed to dare to set foot there because of the fear of that castle. But you, as an adventurer, still decide to go there and decipher the secrets inside. Take a risk and get what a great adventurer deserves.

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Mysterious country

It was a place completely separate from the modern civilized world of humanity, located far off a small island surrounded by the deep ocean. For many years, this country remained independent and peaceful, but the people here always remember what happened in the past. Strange dreams occur continuously, fierce sea storms that seem to wash away everything, and ghostly lights of unknown origin dance in the mist. But recently, a mysterious signal has been transmitted inside the abandoned castle, attracting you.

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Combination of the times

The scenes in the game are a harmonious combination of time when there are medieval architecture and landscapes with stone castles and nature alternating rivers and streams. The furniture inside the castle is made from expensive wood, so the corrosion of time does not reduce its value. Besides those antiques, modern scientific equipment is still displayed on the desk. It seemed to be some researcher’s weather measuring device with early machines that seemed to no longer work. A few, if you know how to activate them, will still start them up.

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Decode the puzzles

As you move through the castle, puzzles and obstacles will constantly block your progress. You need to resolve and overcome everything before you can continue moving forward. There will be some obstacles you need to use tricks and tricks to overcome. But mainly medieval puzzles related to magic, knights and symbolic things in the beliefs of the people of that period. You also need skills to deal with early machines you have never touched.

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Collect artefacts

Those are essential things you will have to bring throughout your exploration. Each artefact has its purpose; some will be the most crucial final tool to solve those questions, and some will stay with you for a while and be used later. There are also many surprises waiting for you inside that castle. Discover all the secrets and be the first to conquer the court at The Eyes of Ara MOD APK.

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