Crab War MOD APK (Unlimited Pearls, Boosters) 3.63.0

Updated 16/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameCrab War APK
PublisherAppxplore (iCandy)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Pearls, Boosters
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Crab War MOD APK Information

  • V1: Infinite Boosters
  • V2:

1. Sign up for gold apricot token for free.
2. Free In-App Purchases Note: Except for pearl purchases, the value will be refreshed immediately, for other point purchases you need to switch to another skin or restart the game to do so. new effects.
[Note]: MOD cannot participate in multiplayer contest and will be detected as cheating

Introduce MOD APK Crab War

The battle between the crabs? Do you think I heard wrong? Not at all, because Crab War is a game about a war between real crabs. Perhaps you have never played such a game before. The battle between these fascinating seafood species will entice you for a very long time. Collect the strongest crab warriors to prepare for a long battle. Build the most powerful and massive crab empire you’ll ever create. Crab War is not just a game about crabs. The exaggeration was created to delight and attraction for many players.

Crab War is a game that can show us that just a grudge can create a battle of the century. Specifically, evolution has caused reptiles to rise to the surface. Chase all the crabs underground to monopolize new habitats. After thousands of years underground, thanks to the energy coming from the mysterious crystal block. Now crabs have completely molted and evolved to new stages. Carrying the ultimate power, they set out to take revenge on those who had chased them away.

Crab War mod

Download Crab War mod – Dramatic war between crabs and reptiles

The leader of the now-evolved crab species. You are one of the important factors to lead them to the surface. Regain what was lost from the reptiles. The whole game Crab War will be a never-ending war between reptiles and crabs. So we need to concentrate a lot of resources and strength to be able to win. Build an impregnable crab empire. Create crab warriors with the most powerful and unique genetic codes. The mysterious crystal will give you everything and knowledge to learn about the crab species after the mutation. Successfully applied, you can create warriors at any time.

Reptiles are also not average as they have also inherited many strange powers. Together they form the most influential force on land. They will be the number one enemy to eliminate for the crab species when it comes to the surface. There are more than 33 species of reptiles with different strength levels. You must learn all of them through battles to have a chance to plan and defeat all the reptiles. They are very cunning and possess formidable power. Of course, that’s not why we can’t give up.

Crab War mod apk

Evolution of different crab species

With a number of 80 different crab species for you to evolve. It is clear that this battle will be very long and time consuming. However, that doesn’t mean it’s bland and uninteresting. You will have to fight through a lot of battles to unlock certain evolutions. Evolution will bring the outstanding strength enhancement of the crabs. From unbelievable abilities such as firing electricity or taking advantage of the power of a magnetic field. Their colors will also be changed to make them easier to distinguish. Part of it is also creating the aesthetic of crab warriors after evolution.

Crab War mod apk free

Smart use of genetic trees

The genetic tree is a special system in Crab War. It allows you to upgrade the stats and strength at will to create a crab with the right requirements. Each genetic tree will consist of a lot of small gene fragments with one upgrade filling that one gene. You need to find resources and items to unlock these genes. If only a few simple branches are obtained, their power has not yet shown much. Until you have maximized the gene segments and completed the genetic tree, you will see the effect. It is one of the main tools that decide whether your crab warrior is strong enough or not.

Crab War mod free

The intense crab tournaments

If interested, try the PvP mode, where the crab warriors will fight each other. The owners of them are different players. You will choose your strongest crab squad to participate in the tournament. Confront other players’ crabs to determine victory or defeat. Winning means going directly to the next round. Until facing the last players. Are you strong enough to become the crab champion of the world.

Crab War free

Watch the crabs change to become the most powerful warriors. Confront the reptiles that have lost their habitat to get revenge and get back what was lost. Become a true lord with hundreds of crab warriors ready to serve. Download now Crab War mod to build your own crab empire.

How to Download & Install Crab War MOD APK (Unlimited Pearls, Boosters) for Android


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