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Referring to the phrase Minecraft, surely if you are a fan of the building and creating game genre, you will not be able to ignore it. A game that is famous around the world and has won many awards before. And now you can explore a new dimension of Minecraft. That is Minecraft Earth. In this new game, you will not have to worry about building constructions in your tiny phone. Coming to this game, players will be created, discovered and survived in the real world. You can connect with a community of creators and adventurers around the planet.

Minecraft Earth is an adventure game. The game is released by producer Mojang. The game will bring you exciting adventures. In this game, you will collect endless resources for your work. You can also craft your buildings to expand then place them at full size. Sounds hard to believe right? But with this version nothing is impossible. The game has beautiful and clear graphics. The content of the game is both simple and attractive, you can create anything in your imagination with extremely easy manipulation. Just arrange the cubes together.

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Download Minecraft Earth mod – Explore the real world

Minecraft Earth is a new phenomenon that is guaranteed never before in the Minecraft game genre. The game belongs to the genre of cross-platform virtual construction. All content revolves around colourful cubes. These blocks are assembled into resources such as trees, bricks, animals, … But unlike other normal games, Minecraft Earth has magic cubes. These cubes can be built in the outside world. To find these types of resources you will have to carry your backpack and go find them in the real world. The game has a search mechanism similar to the famous Pokemon Go.

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Minecraft Earth has very simple gameplay. The controller of the game is designed to be convenient and easy on the eyes. The virtual scroll key is located on the left side of the screen. Multidimensional space in the game allows you to observe your works under many angles. To look around you can drag and touch the screen. The area at the bottom of the screen is where you can choose the building materials. Thus, placing the materials available to make the building becomes very simple. You just need to select the material to be used and tap on the physical area you want. If you don’t want to use the material or you want to demolish the building, just hold it down until the cube explodes.

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Realistic construction

From the point of view of your phone, resources appear. A location map will determine the player’s location and resources. Your task is to find and collect it to build structures. Once you have all the resources you need, you will begin your construction work. You will be able to directly design and build the building right out of the real world. Once completed you can place the building anywhere and in the size you want. It could be in the park, supermarket or in your yard. With beautiful graphics and 3-dimensional space, you can step in and visit real-life constructions.

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Go to gather ingredients

Why do we have to go to collect the ingredients? As mentioned above, Minecraft Earth has a similarity to the game Pokemon Go. That characteristic is to move in real life. You rely on your location and that of the ingredient in the game map then go to the place where the ingredient is and collect it. This feature makes you feel like you are wearing virtual reality glasses in real life. This brings excitement and attraction to the player. Besides, the supply of raw materials is unlimited. So you can search for them without fear. You can also freely roam everywhere in the search process.

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Minecraft Earth has brought a new breeze to the world Minecraft community. Coming to Minecraft Earth, you can create a wonderful virtual world by yourself. Here you can see and interact with your works in reality. The ingredients in the game are unlimited. Simple gameplay suitable for all types of players. With this special version, the works that you create will be vivid and full of color. Minecraft Earth will help you ignite your creativity and imagination. Download Minecraft Earth mod to explore the world built with blocks from a realistic perspective.

Download Minecraft Earth APK for Android

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