Super Bill World MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 1.3.5

Updated 26/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameSuper Bill World APK
PublisherTee Studio
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Super Bill World MOD APK detail?

Enemies can’t kill you but if you fall you will die.

Introduce MOD APK Super Bill World

Super Bill World MOD APK (Dumb enemy) is an exciting adventure game genre with obstacle challenges. Gamers must have come across similar game genres. They are trendy because of the simple gameplay that is equally interesting. Mario is also very familiar with a game of the same name that was very popular in the past. Similarly, Super Bill World was also born with the same features. But, of course, it will also have a few innovations to create more exciting activities for players. First, spend hours testing how addictive this genre is. Childhood memories will appear when you meet cartoon characters, bringing joy and love to life.

Although the content is classic and has many similar genres, each game brings its qualities. With this game, you will become a unique character and have a special mission. Accompanying that task is the challenge. The player will face surprises and difficult obstacles. Players will show their agility and flexible reflexes to pass. To make and save the king’s beautiful princess.

Super Bill World mod

Download Super Bill World APK mod – an exciting adventure

Still the same old content and journey, but the main problem is that it still makes players addicted. You will become a lovable hero in this adventure. Game with characters with diverse shapes, spoiled for you to choose. On the screen is a color journey, but it will be very bumpy. Our little character will have to keep walking without stopping. There will undoubtedly be countless failures. Remember the obstacles the character goes through to hold the terrain. That way, the next time will not stumble and quickly go to the end of the road. Allow yourself to fail a few times. It’s a valuable experience for the next time, with straightforward control buttons including moving, jumping, and shooting monsters.

Thrilling challenge

The path that our character goes through will not be flat and smooth. There are countless obstacles, landslides, rocks, spikes, and bombs, … You must be very careful, dodge, and land on the ground to succeed. So please don’t get too tense and nervous. Imagine them as balloons that float and pass. In addition, the game also produces strange and sometimes giant monsters. They will lie on the ground, on the side of the road, or top of you. Examples include cannibal flowers, frogs, porcupines, and giant Egyptian snakes, … As time goes on, the game screen will be upgraded, and those monsters will become more and more terrifying. So don’t tremble but defeat them all. You are the best hero!

Super Bill World apk

Character upgrade

To withstand all problematic situations and environments, our characters must be strong. So, where to find that source of power? If you see mushrooms and coins during the adventure, don’t miss it. They are the treasures to help you. Eat a lot of mushrooms to increase strength and grow. Monsters will no longer be a fear. Level them all. Also, pick up a lot of coins to improve your score and pass the level faster. There will be many unexpected and increasingly complex challenges. Investing in strength and weapons for our hero is good. The way to the princess is getting closer and closer. Try to save her!

Countless levels

Don’t worry too much when you first start playing but encounter tricky things. Super Bill World APK 1.3.5 will bring diverse levels so that we can get acquainted with the game’s progress. With more than 80 levels and different challenges, it will surely make you admire and excited. Because the gameplay is simple but very addictive, it is guaranteed to be used by all ages. Become a hero and overcome all obstacles to come to the beautiful princess. Bringing her back to his kingdom, her father is distraught. Show your mobility and reflexes and your defensive skills.

Super Bill World mod apk

If you want more fun, invite more friends and create your challenge in the game. To see which lucky hero will come to the princess first? Tons of coins and protective shields await a hero to own them. Are you ready to embark on this dramatic adventure? With the accessible mode without spending money, players will experience this super exciting, lifesaving adventure game. It must be a fair game to pass the time and solve problems. Download Super Bill World MOD APK and join the journey now!

How to Download & Install Super Bill World MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android


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