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Do you want to experience a whole new sense of antagonism on your smartphone? No need for complicated operations and combos. Just smart tactics and beautiful graphics will look like? That’s TEPPEN, sounds familiar, right? Inspired by fighting games that were once available on arcade games or handheld electronic devices. Now officially available on smartphones in a completely new way. You will no longer need to launch complex attacks and combos like before. Which will be the battle of the strongest warrior cards in the world.

You are both a strategist and a player for the card game in TEPPEN. Here you will fight other players in a way that is both familiar and extremely new. It’s fighting with the warrior cards you own. Explore through multiple main stories using story mode. Or directly compete with other players to show your level is up to you. The arena has begun and is not waiting for anyone.


Download TEPPEN – Special Fighting Card Arena

Participate in card battles in TEPPEN. You will choose your best cards. The number of cards in a match will be limited. So this is very necessary and important. Start the game with your opponent’s pieces and us. Each card has a different energy stat. They are used to display the energy to summon that card. Summon on 3 different rows to go to war. The match will be counted according to the turns of you and your opponent consecutively. Each person will go to one country and it will be the other person’s turn.

There are 2 main actions you can choose from issuing cards, switching turns, and canceling your turn. The cards represent powerful warriors from different worlds. Each card will try 2 main stats: attack and defense. The card with the higher number of points defeats the other and subtracts the opponent’s life points. Shown by character animations that look very beautiful and attractive. Keep playing like this until you run out of cards or the enemy loses all points. You will win and receive many special gifts.

TEPPEN mod free

Learn about familiar characters

TEPPEN owns many different cards. Mainly the most prominent is the powerful warrior cards. Full of characters from different worlds. You’ll encounter a cast of famous characters from Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil… Along with a series of popular video game universes from legendary developer Capcom. They all carry a realistic version that is closest to real life. Looks extremely attractive in combat. Each different character will have different stats to distinguish strength and class. And smart connections to increase the power and effects of the characters.

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Enjoy different modes

Lots of modes provide interesting mechanics for you to fully experience. You can participate in the storyline of 8 legendary characters of Copcam. Adventure with them to uncover the mysteries of this strange TEPPEN game world. Or the classic and most popular is fighting with other players. Own the most diverse and quality decks. Let’s enter the arena and compete high and low with opponents. Show off your skills as well as extensive knowledge of the characters and the ultimate card battles. In the TEPPEN world, victory is only decided when you are the one to catch and defeat your opponent.


Back to the past

It would be a pity if you missed the many interesting details that the developer put into this new fighting game. It is the legacies of many of the aforementioned titles left in the game as part of respect for history. The characters also retain many of their famous lines. The attack effect is also realistic and powerful. All create a wonderful and nostalgic experience for gamers in their childhood past. Let’s adventure together and make your dreams come true. Meet the heroic characters again and fight them to become the strongest.

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That alone cannot describe to you the attraction of TEPPEN. A work that can be said to be a gift of gratitude to gamers. But who has always accompanied Capcom’s games throughout his childhood years? Now they were all gathered in one world. Unleash the battle and side with the strongest warriors. On special cards and win the world to prove yourself. Download now TEPPEN to receive a ticket to the past full of memories.

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