Evolutionary Adventure Story MOD APK 1.0.1 (Menu, Damage/Defense)

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NameEvolutionary Adventure Story APK
PublisherYue Hongjuan
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Evolutionary Adventure Story is an evolutionary adventure game of powerful mutant creatures. The setting takes place in a fantasy world where these creatures exist and compete with each other. With more than 100 species of creatures completely different from appearance to skills. You will be fighting them and then summon these creatures to your team. The twisty adventure road stretches across an island full of mountains and steep slopes. Show off your difficult and tortuous progress on your way to bringing these supernatural beasts to your side. During the battle, you must win them to get the character card.

At the beginning of the level, you will be provided with the first animal and drop it into the arena with another equivalent level animal. The first one or two creatures most players will win and capture their cards. Over time, the number of monster cards brought to the field will gradually increase. Gain from 1 to 6 different cards in a battle. In turn, according to your arrangement, the monsters will consecutively engage in battle with your opponent. Once this one runs out of blood, it will be the next one’s turn. Your opponent will have one or more monsters depending on the game. Just kill any monster, you will capture its card.

Evolutionary Adventure Story mod

Download Evolutionary Adventure Story mod – The journey to evolve and capture powerful monsters

The adventures of your monster army will go from table to table one after another. If you kill and capture all of this army of monsters, you will be transferred to the next area. Just click on the card of the monster you want to use, then that monster will punch, kick, or attack your opponent. As long as your ability, technique, level, and tactics are higher, you can be easily obtained. After the battle, you can return the monsters to the main screen to refine. And enhance skills, equip armor and support swords. Collect cards of rare gems to refine and raise stars.

Over 100 monsters

Evolutionary Adventure Story offers a treasure trove of more than 100 monsters with natural skills and unique looks. There are from beginners to advanced versions with sleek looks along with special talents with extremely strong fighting power. Silver werewolf with bulging muscles. Familiar Pokemon. Yellow fire-breathing dragon with bloodshot eyes. Robot superhero with silver outfit wearing a mysterious black cape. Red haired superhero with pure white angel wings. Purple mushroom with skill to hypnotize opponents. Or a cowboy wearing a brown hat that hides a mysteriously attractive face.

Evolutionary Adventure Story android

More than 400 levels

With the treasure of more than 100 monsters of Evolutionary Adventure Story, of course, the level of the game will also increase. Also with many game modes such as playing with teammates or joining groups. Each stage can have one or more of your opponent’s monsters. For example, a quick battle might be against a flaming monster. After capturing this card, you will continue to the next game. With two more powerful and rare monsters, the ice man and the gray werewolf. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty and rewards such as thunder or diamonds. If you lose, you will have to play again until you capture that monster.

Evolutionary Adventure Story apk

Upgrade and equip

To be able to capture strong and rare monsters, players need to cultivate their monster army. After increasing one level can increase combat power, defense and health. It is also possible to equip additional swords, armor, cloaks, gloves, … Maximum for a monster is 7 stars will become legendary. For example, a 4-star Omegamon will have a combat strength of up to 13479, a defense level of 2852, and health at 56391. To strengthen it, it is necessary to collect two green quartz stones, two mysterious notebooks, and six jars of extradition drug. In addition to special events, there are rare edition rewards. Collect them to make your monster invincible.

Evolutionary Adventure Story mod apk

Evolutionary Adventure Story’s event system is very diverse. Like the Limited Time event, Resurrection Orb,…Also, when participating in the game with your teammates. Players can give their friends monsters as gifts. Or use it as an exchange for the monsters you lack. There are many different ways to cultivate your beasts. Complete day missions to get gold coins and blue diamonds. The headquarters where the beasts cultivate is modern in style. Download Evolutionary Adventure Story journey to conquer the mighty army of beasts.

Download Evolutionary Adventure Story MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense) for Android

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