33RD: Random Defense MOD APK (Menu, High Damage) 3.9.2

Updated on 05/01/2023 (1 month ago)
Name33RD: Random Defense APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Possessing a unique name, 33RD: Random Defense is probably also the fantastic tower defense game ever. When talking about Tower Defense genre games, we will immediately think of heavily tactical games and carefully calculated games. However, sometimes we can also combine them with many humorous elements. Typically 33RD: Random Defense. Revolving around the defense battles of many different animals. All animals will join forces to protect the witch in this game. The game’s humorous but straightforward design and mechanics will excite you.

Team up with the girls in command to fight against the monsters trying to invade your area. The battles are not too complicated and fast-paced but have more sullen elements. Anyway, the purpose of 33RD: Random Defense is also to entertain and help gamers have an enjoyable, relaxing time. Gather animals wearing many different types of equipment. Summon the cutest and most potent animal warriors. Make a moderate strategy to defeat the invading enemy.

33RD Random Defense mod

Download 33RD: Random Defense mod – Exciting battle between animals and monsters

Our main goal is to defeat all enemy invasions. The battlefield is a square area with small squares inside. The middle square will be where the wizard stands. It is also the main commander and the creator of many unique spells. In the remaining squares is the place for you to summon soldiers and fight. At the beginning of the invasion, monsters will spill out and move around the square. They will invade inside and find a way to destroy you at some point. It would help if you stopped them with the power of the wizard as well as the summoned warriors.

When you kill monsters, you will get gems. Use them as your main asset to summon animals. More than 50 different animals are equipped with the most advanced weapons such as machine guns, cannons, or bombs… They will not stop attacking monsters moving around your territory. That is the main force you to protect and destroy demons in the fastest way. Invasion waves will happen randomly. So the element of surprise will be pushed to the highest. You won’t realize what the next wave’s monster is.

33RD Random Defense mod apk

Combat units

No matter what animal, from turtles, raccoons, pigs, hamsters… Even dinosaurs will join you in these hilarious battles. They have been trained to use all types of weapons to the fullest. Each animal will have the potential with one or two certain weapons. Please take advantage of that to equip them with fixed weapons. Keep the most optimal power and use resources to upgrade more stats. The interesting armor from the battle rewards can also help the animals increase their strength.

33RD Random Defense mod apk free

Developing the strength of the commander

Wizards are girls who carry magical powers and command units of combat animals. It was the one who stood in charge of the territory and directed the attacks. At the same time, wizards also have magical powers. Use skills to apply multiple effects on enemies. Support for the animals to quickly destroy the whole. The laboratory system will research and create many different magical items. Each type will have a very diverse effect and create a unique power. One wizard, but we also have many other wizards with their characteristic skills. When you reach certain milestones or join an event, you will receive a new wizard.

33RD Random Defense mod free

Many funny game modes

Four main modes are also the most popular ones that appeal to many gamers. The Tower defense simulator mode is the basic mode. Thereby we have to overcome 100 different invasions from the enemy. Reaching each milestone will be a surprise gift again. PvP mode allows you to use your forces against other players. Co-op simulation mode can be joined with other players. The goal is to complete the simulated battles and reach the highest record. The last and most exciting is the dungeon mode. Here you can be provided with many different types of magic. Non-stop fighting with monsters in the dungeon.

33RD Random Defense free

Cute pixel-style graphics is the first plus point that makes players want to download the game immediately. Followed by unlimited fun game modes for any gamer. Use an army of cute animals to defend the territory from invaders. Combine more magical powers of witches to wipe out everything in the blink of an eye. Download 33RD: Random Defense mod to fight in the funniest way possible.

Download 33RD: Random Defense MOD APK (Menu, High Damage) for Android

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