TAPSONIC TOP MOD APK (Always Perfect AutoDance) 1.23.20

Updated 18/11/2021 (3 years ago)
MOD FeaturesAlways Perfect AutoDance
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Music is a wonderful thing that helps us maintain optimism in this life. Together with TAPSONIC TOP, you can make it even more interesting. Interact with hundreds of songs and catchy and catchy tunes. Use your talents to create cultural peaks. Meet hundreds of Anime Idols and hold epic concerts with them. Turn distant dreams into reality quickly.

Currently, music games are gradually playing a significant role for players. It allows us to enjoy gameplay that both feel the melody and exercises the hand. TAPSONIC TOP will combine these two elements at an extremely high level. A stunning and sharp graphic combined with eye-catching lighting effects. Keep the variety in the multitude of different features for you to explore and discover. What are you waiting for without showing off your masterful skills right away?


Download TAPSONIC TOP mod – Conquer hundreds of best songs bài

Entering the world of music, you will have to show the audience what you can do. Let’s run through the gameplay a little bit so you can better understand your role. First, you will be able to choose a song in the style that you like. At the beginning of the game screen, you will be like running on a straight road. The notes will gradually move towards you at a fairly fast pace. Wait for the time when these notes go right into the boxes below. Tap to create sounds that match the tunes that the song has. Do not slide because it will ruin the perfection of a work.

When you hit many notes at high speed, it will form combos. These combos will help increase the number of points you have a lot. If you are fast enough, you will not break the chain and achieve an unprecedented record. Train to get used to it and get faster and better day by day.

TAPSONIC TOP mod download

Hundreds of great songs

As a game about music, diversity will be indispensable. With an infinite number of songs, you will never get bored. Start with the simplest songs with a moderate tempo and tempo to get used to. Then gradually progress to more difficult challenges with high requirements. As your level increases, you can unlock new songs. The more you play, the more excitement you feel in every light touch. Feeling the joy of completing something complicated. Sad, upbeat, or relaxing music are all good choices for you to enjoy.

Meet the Idols

To become a famous singer, we must have the talent to perform with a great voice. You will meet beautiful girls and elegant boys who are fulfilling their dreams. With your own talents, help them become famous and known to the public. Meet and explore the rich life of each person to understand their personality better. Some are extremely strong, and others are timid, sociable, or short-tempered. All will create special people with their own beauty. You are a character in this colorful musical story.


Challenging opponents

Want to have intense matches with other players? Simply challenge them to online music battles. The system will match you and your opponent into a match with a random theme. Give it your all, using all the skills you’ve learned to fight. Create long combos with the most precise touches. Gain a superior score to defeat the opponent and win. Whoever is faster and has a better musical feel will have the advantage. Each time you win, you accumulate some points to rank up faster. The higher the rank, the stronger the opponent and the harder it is to work.

TAPSONIC TOP mod android

You are the one who leads your idols to become better. Create classy bands according to your taste. Choose a leader to help unify the individuals in the group. Join them in the epic music wars to level up. The better they play, the better their progress will be. With the values ​​​​that TAPSONIC TOP mod brings, you will definitely always feel fascinated. Create your own little joys in life from fun tunes and practice agility.

How to Download & Install TAPSONIC TOP MOD APK (Always Perfect AutoDance) for Android


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