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Updated on 09/01/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameA Dance of Fire and Ice APK
Publisher7th Beat Games
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SupportAndroid 5.1+
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A relationship like the one in A Dance of Fire and Ice will change you. That harmony will lead to a highly thrilling journey—a strange world with constant changes everywhere. Adventurous trips will pose many challenges for us. Only profound thoughts can solve it. It also requires a pair of familiar and skilled hands. Walk freely wherever we aim to conquer. It is a blend and possibly a form of true love.

Rhythm and music are what take us to a new realm. The products of rhythm are many, many more than we think. But to say the most special, it can only be games like A Dance of Fire and Ice. It is truly an inspirational work of creation in it. Very simple, with 2D graphics of blocks. Materials are round and square and nothing else. That’s how the world works continuously until it stops. The music will be the direction and lead you to reach further.

A Dance of Fire and Ice mod free

Download A Dance of Fire and Ice mod – Dance with ice and fire

Ice and fire combine to go on an unexpected journey. You will help these two entities move correctly through the paths. On these roads will appear a lot of obstacles directions. You need to be calm and handle all situations to avoid being eliminated from the game. We can find checkpoints to save progress. That way, you can respawn right there after failing. You have to adapt quickly to complicated steps gradually. The training will be shown by the results when reaching the new level. Go through the interesting paths you find.

Different world

If you do not know, A Dance of Fire and Ice has up to twenty large worlds. Each world gives you a chapter with lots of levels in it. You will see that each group will be simulated as a part of that place. Landscapes and objects can change continuously and randomly. For example, a universe full of stars with extremely twisty roads. The sky is vast, with white clouds all around. The world of the mouse king is full of mice that hinder you from moving. Every journey is one you have to do your best. Otherwise, getting stuck at a certain point will undoubtedly be very easy.

A Dance of Fire and Ice mod

New achievements

Completing each level will only be a small part of your journey. For competition and achievement, A Dance of Fire and Ice has a speed play for you. The faster you complete any level, the more points you get. This score will show your outstanding proficiency. The more stages with high achievements, the higher your rank will be. The fact that we practice well will also have its good side. Because you will know what you need to do and break the limit, the rewards for high achievements are also quite a lot, so don’t be afraid to try it.

A Dance of Fire and Ice mod apk

Based on the rhythm

When music hits, that’s when a new journey begins. A rhythm game means that you have to feel the rhythm in it. Farther than in each game screen that I am about to participate. Use your ears if your eyes can’t keep up with the characters’ movements. Feeling each move the two souls make will allow you to guess the next move. Since then, there has been no fear of replicating many times in high-difficulty places of A Dance of Fire and Ice mod.

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