Catchee MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.3.1

Updated 22/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameCatchee APK
PublisherLaser Dog
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Catchee

Catcher brings players fun, exciting melodies in music. The cheerful sounds help you relieve stress and enter the world of fun entertainment. Forget the fatigue and worries and open your heart to welcome the cute things on this earth. The cutely shaped cartoons make you fall in love with them. Dance to the song and enjoy the chill moments with Catcher. The challenge of doing the task while swaying to the lyrics sounds complex but is extremely simple in Catcher. Do you want to discover the excellent stuff just mentioned? It’s exciting, don’t miss it!

Those who consider music as their hobby, how can they ignore Catcher. Everything in the game is cutely designed to make players feel comfortable when participating. Feel the music, rotate, and dance to each note of the established song. Will your musical sensibility and ability to make dancers reach new heights after joining? Catches will be with you to help you do just that. Turn on the music and start challenging with adorable Catchables. Having fun while learning about music in an exciting environment is worth trying.

catchee mod apk

Download Catcher mod – Take on interesting music challenges

The cute Catchees will be your companions through the levels. The task is effortless; choose your favorite song and start swaying to the tune. You will use your quick fingers to control the Catcher left and right to catch the smaller Catchables. The more you notice, the more accurate you will score. The small but martial Catchables will sometimes cause you a big challenge that you can hardly catch in time. It fell from above lightning-fast, but sometimes it collapsed slowly, unpredictable. Listen to the tune and feel their falling speed moving in the right direction.

catchee apk free

Various songs for each level

The catcher has a rich set of music tracks and diverse genres of music for you to choose from. The songs are arranged in each level from easy to difficult, you need to unlock the pieces to make the challenge after selecting the theme you want and getting the Catches to dance to their rhythm. During the challenge, when the music plays, the game officially opens. Listen to the melody and lyrics to catch up on the notes and avoid missing them. The song will last until the last second if you have enough Catchables in the basket. And when the energy bar on the left side of the screen drops to red, the song ends, and the race stops.

catchee mod

Rich Catchables Catcher

To collect mischievous Catchables, you need something to catch them all in your heart. In addition to the bowl that was initially provided, there are many more pictures that you can collect. Very familiar objects in life will appear in the game. For example, saucepans, milk tea cups, popcorn containers, electronic toys… all gather at Catcher. So you need to successfully pass the levels and score high to own those cool things. From the accumulation of points, you will have the opportunity to challenge many types of inspiration. Change things up to give your game a new atmosphere.

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Mischievous Catchable

Catchable with different shapes such as balls, strawberries, bread… are painted with cute faces. You can see them smiling when you catch them in your basket. But they change their look too sad as soon as you drop them on the ground. Catches with flexible falling speed, you need to see them capture the most accurately. You will come across two types of Catchables, brown and yellow, representing the music note of the song. The brown notes are the low notes, and the yellow ones are the high notes of the song. When it comes to the song’s chorus, the Catchables will fall faster than usual. So please pay attention to observe a little more, do not miss, unfortunately.

catchee apk

Show that you are an enthusiast and can appreciate music in the best way. You will be challenged with cute but extremely difficult Catchables in the game. Please take advantage of quick hands, quick eyes, and hands listening to songs to catch them as much as possible. You will score high and be named on the leaderboard when you do so. Being entertained and being friends with cute but mischievous things is fun. Catcher promises to bring the most catchy tunes and exciting challenges ever. Download now Catcher mod to get all the cute Catchables in your heart in the background of your favorite music.

How to Download & Install Catchee MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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