Tap Music 3D MOD APK 1.9.2 (Auto perfect/VIP unlocked)

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NameTap Music 3D APK
MOD FeaturesAuto perfect/VIP unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Tap Music 3D brings fun and exciting music tunes. A completely new version that helps players listen to music significantly. Coming to the music world, you feel like you live in a separate space. The attractive melodies in various music genres will make you enjoy it. You need to choose your favourite song, creating a unique sound for your music. Do you expect to become an outstanding music composer? Let Tap Music 3D make all-time hits in your style. Create vibrant, new worlds in exciting music plays.

If you love and are passionate about music, definitely do not miss Tap Music 3D. Let’s blend into new melodies and colourful colours on every note. The captivating sound makes you feel lost in the endless space of music. Tap Music 3D gives players magical and different effects like never before. All will bring you to memorable emotional frames. What are you waiting for without taking on the challenge as a talented musician?

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Download Tap Music 3D – Open your music world

Tap Music 3D is not simply an ordinary music game. To create a quality song, you need to use the sensitivity of your hands to move the slider to the most accurate. First of all, choose a song that you like. Click the play button to start, and the living space is opened. When the melody and lyrics play, the music race officially takes place. Your task now is to control the star button according to the balls and sliders to create the melody. Touch the slide button correctly you will get the corresponding score. The chance to become a champion in the music world is something you can do.

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Famous songs in the world

Tap Music 3D owns a treasure trove of songs from various music genres. Not only rich in quantity, but you can also experience new mixes of old music. Genres like Pop, EDM, Rock, Hip-hop, even contemporary songs, country music all appear in the song catalogue. Every week the themes are updated and will follow the trend of the current chart. Depending on your preferences, choose for yourself an excellent song to feel the whole fun in Tap Music 3D. New music tastes for you can also emerge from here. The higher the score you get, the more chances to unlock more popular hit songs.

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Lively play space

Just the melody of the song is not enough. Bringing the player’s emotions to new heights depends on the visual effects. Each piece will be accompanied by an illustrated video stimulating your eyes. The playing scene is beautiful, and the rhythm is catchy, it’s fascinating. The 3D space is realistic and lively, like a music disco. The surrounding light rays change colour continuously, they vary according to each frame of the music. During the climax or chorus of the song, the lights change colour to your eyes, making you feel like you’re in a real music disco. Every time you play, you experience a whole new scene.

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Use precise sliders

Players will encounter sliding buttons on the screen during the creation of melodies. The slider buttons are transformed continuously. You will come across blue, orange balls and pink long sliders. Those things will help you make great music. The sliders are diverse, providing different tones depending on the note of that song. The sliders will appear denser and move faster when entering the chorus. At this point, you need to touch the slider buttons to avoid missing the beat quickly. If you do well, you will receive a large amount of money and participate in the top music makers. Use your understanding to rise to the top of the leaderboard now.

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Tap Music 3D is a unique and creative music game. An intense and refreshing experience is what the game gives you. You love music, want to relax with it and write beautiful harmonies. Those are things Tap Music 3D can bring to you. Ask your friends to create catchy tunes together. A little drama will make this game more fun. Challenge your team to the competition and find the best music player. Bring on the victory, are you confident? Download Tap Music 3D mod to become the top 1 in the worldwide music race.

Download Tap Music 3D MOD APK (Auto perfect/VIP unlocked) for Android

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