Swordash MOD APK 0.28 (Menu, Immortality, Attack, Quick Skill)

Updated on 14/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameSwordash APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Immortality, Attack, Quick Skill
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Attack Multiplier
3. God Mode
4. Fast Skill Cooldown
5. Unlimited Dash

What if you are a player incarnated as a female character in a set of action games fighting many highly evil and dangerous zombies? Swordfish is an action game that players can refer to and download. Experience a costume into a beautiful female character holding heavy combat weapons. Use sequences of moves by nimble maneuvers on the player’s device screen. Creates superhuman combat ability effects against every enemy ahead facing. Protect the lovely houses of the female character in the game in which the enemy is rushing. A mysterious girl appears to shock intense and bloody battles.

A single female character in this game can go against them. It is the character that you are playing in the thrilling action game Swordfish. Choose a style that changes your mind for smooth gameplay with different battles. The arsenal of weapons needs you to master and use in large and small actions to confront difficult and exhausting enemies, but gradually you will get used to the pace of the game more. It’s easy to figure out how to defeat an enemy with extreme individual player skill—peace of mind in Swordash action with female characters.

Swordash mod apk

Download Swordfish mod – A girl character fighting for rescue

Pick out strategies for the female character and then evolve the Swordash game girl skills to become strong with a character skilled in using weapons. Earn powerful moves after each level confronting the most formidable enemies. The skill with the ultimate is a highly explosive move that players must take advantage of most effective in battle because the time and conditions of use are pretty confusing. Each skill is paired and compatible with different weapons. Ultimate weapons are numerous in the game, parallel to each other war. Travel and discover a collection of unique new weapons in Swordfish. The opponents are waiting for you to come to challenge and defeat to free the world in the game.

Swordash mod apk free

Weapons Challenge

Weapons require players to be familiar with their different uses. Combine them all and masterfully defeat the opponent that the player has to face. The guns need you to understand the principle of the female action game Swordfish. Adaptively to everything on the body, such as armor, hats, shirts, skirts, guns, and knives on the field. Learning how to use the principle of the game will be easy to conquer everything; players are constantly exploring and learning many interesting things from the excellent arsenal to use all functions and functions. Different manipulations combine everything smoothly to use the weapons.

Swordash mod android

Defeat the boss monster

Preliminary levels let players learn how to play Swordash as easily and as quickly as possible with a tiny monster that can easily be defeated with a small amount of health. As the people rose, they called the big brothers bigger and stronger. The skill and excellent health evolve with each game screen, making it more interesting. The ability to deal damage or powerful mobs continuously attack the player. The copious blood and gore can also damage the player’s character. All of the player’s enemies are very unpredictable and evolve.

Swordash mod android free

Collect weapons equipment

Each item of equipment on the game’s female character will increase strength and aesthetics. Not only combat weapons like knives, guns, hammers, bows, and grenades deal damage. But there are also things to beautify and increase combat power, such as armor, hats, earrings, necklaces, scarves, bags, and skirts … To collect the bag, the player adds on the female character’s body. The arsenal of weapons and equipment in Swordash is vast and rich so that players can choose according to their preferences or unique styles of personality, with no limit to new ideas.

Swordash mod

When players are tired of male characters with powerful combat weapons, Action game titles are all going in the same direction of character building. Swordash brings a new breath of awesome fun full of fun to attract more players. Unique and refreshing when dressed up as a solid female action figure. The study of combat science may make women as strong as men. Download Swordash mod role-playing mysterious hero girls in action to fight evil enemies.

Download Swordash MOD APK (Menu, Immortality, Attack, Quick Skill) for Android

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