Alien Survivors MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked) 1.0.7

Updated on 28/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameAlien Survivors APK
PublisherNLABSOFT Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Alien Survivors MOD APK Infomation

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Crystal + Unlock Battle Pass ( Go buy any crystal in shop )
3. God Mode ( Only tested for monster )

Protect humanity’s not-so-distant future and destroy crystal monsters in Alien Survivors. Humanity is about to perish because we have used too much available energy. Everyone overuses this energy source, and there comes a time when everything has to run out. And to prepare for a new future, people must research a new energy source. Hope was ignited when they successfully extracted energy from space meteorites. But this journey was unsuccessful when the monsters living on it appeared and hindered it. Destroy all the crystal monsters on the meteorites and harness the energy for the earth.

The planet is on the verge of extinction because of the exploitation of a lot of energy and no chance for development. Humanity has found a new energy source available in vast outer space. Those are meteorites that bring endless resources for human development in all aspects. Humans are working on harnessing that point, and the task seems very promising. But suddenly, crystal monsters appear, and they tend to quarrel with humans. They need power from meteorites to survive and think humans are taking over them. So find a way to defeat the crystal monsters and continue to mine resources for human development.

Alien Survivors android

Download Alien Survivors mod – Exploiting resources for the future of the earth

Human development has slowed down due to a lack of energy. All activities seem to have been delayed, and people must soon find an alternative solution. Energy search activities are ongoing, and finally, a solution is found. Abundant energy resources are discovered beyond the earth, and energy extraction is explosive. Humanity has been able to continue its development and reserve for the distant future. But there are also monsters out there that bring great difficulty while mining. Overcome the crystal monsters that stand in the way and proceed to exploit resources for humans.

Alien Survivors mod apk

New energy source

Humans have been searching for a new energy reserve since they lacked energy. Continuity of development was assured, and all processes continued to be carried out quickly. Meteorites have brought faith to human development and even more. The vast expanse of space promises many meteorites, which means plenty of energy. People need to exploit them, and there will be no shortages like before. However, the mining will not go smoothly because many things have yet to be discovered. Overcome challenges from crystal monsters and access the new energy of humanity.

Alien Survivors apk

Fight with monsters

The fact that you found a new energy source has helped the earth to get out of the shortage. But this also gives you a challenge when it comes to space meteorites and mining. Those are the crystal monsters that live on the meteorites, and they have considered you as the enemy. They’ve all used energy and evolved into crystal creatures. You appear to exploit this fuel source, meaning the enemy takes their life. So harness the power of meteorites and escape the onslaught of crystal monsters. Fighting is inevitable and stops the crystal monster from taking up energy.

Alien Survivors mod

Combat technology

Humanity has grown and has the most advanced technology in its history. Therefore, the energy available on earth is not enough for humans to continue. But there is a new alternative energy source, and we have started to exploit and store it. However, crystal monsters appearing on meteorites force humans to fight. Now the technologies that people develop will help fight space monsters. Bring out human technology to stop the monsters and level up while you fight. Defeat all brewed monsters and use mined energy efficiently.

Alien Survivors free

Humans eventually face a shortage of energy sources for development. Human technology consumes so much energy that the earth cannot provide it. We had to find a new energy source and eventually found it on meteorites. But the mining was stopped by the crystal monsters that inhabited there. Humans act like take, and they must protect life and energy. Fight monsters with battle technology for a new source of abundant energy. Download Alien Survivors mod to conduct meteor energy mining and defeat crystal monsters.

Download Alien Survivors MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked) for Android

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