Survival at Gunpoint MOD APK 8.0.60 (Menu, Rapid Fire)

Updated on 24/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameSurvival at Gunpoint APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Rapid Fire
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Can you survive during a raging zombie pandemic like in Survival at Gunpoint? That can be quite a difficult question for those who have never tried it. But any of us can participate in this war. Pick up a gun and move to hazardous locations. Rescue the trapped people and bring them to the safest bases. There will be many difficulties, but you can completely overcome them if you are determined. Become a hero to save the world from a catastrophic apocalypse.

Survival at Gunpoint is an action role-playing game developed by 37GAMES. It’s set in the zombie apocalypse that is very common in the movies we often see. The gameplay of Survival at Gunpoint is quite interesting when it brings quite a bit of breakthrough. The features and operations are also highly diverse and bring many challenges. More specifically, the game will use a top-down perspective like being on a helicopter. Helping players to cover a large area around them. From there can react faster to bad situations.

Survival at Gunpoint mod

Download Survival at Gunpoint mod – Fight against scary zombies

After the crisis from the zombie pandemic, the world was just a pile of rubble. However, people still survive and try to regain their lives. You are one of the warriors who dare to stand up to fight the undead. The main task will be to rescue the trapped victims in the city. It would be best to defend until the zombies were destroyed and saved the target. The exciting thing is that the character will automatically attack when the enemy moves into the allowed range. So you only need a single button to control everything. Try to move reasonably to avoid being surrounded by them and cornered.

Survival at Gunpoint mod free

Heroes Collection

Of course, team fighting always creates a significant advantage in fierce battles. So why don’t you find yourself the other members right away? After completing the sequels of the story, you can unlock new characters. Each character can use a unique weapon of their own. In combat, we can completely switch between team members. Make the fight easy by working together. Make use of the abilities and speed of the members on the battlefield to complete the mission. The primary and supporting characters play a rather significant role in the game’s plot.

Upgrade skills

Owning a character is one factor, but upgrading skills is essential. The upgrade will help them become more vital to resist stronger forces. Depending on the weapon owned, these skills will also be dedicated to promoting power from there. These abilities will include increased damage, healing, attack range, or penetration. Owning a new character will also be equivalent to holding a new weapon. You will also have to consume resources to make the character stronger. But these sacrifices will all be worth it because it offers many advantages. Let’s see what the skills of the characters bring.

Survival at Gunpoint mod apk

Build a base

We need to build a solid shelter to have enough strength against the undead. Therefore the player is required to build and develop his base. This is where you will gather members and survivors to fight against zombies. A program in the ground plays an essential role in generating resources for you. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate and upgrade to help it increase the harvest schedule. You also need to defend the base against attacks that can happen at any time. The more survivors brought here, the more hope there is. Create a solid wall of humanity against the aggression of zombies.

Survival at Gunpoint mod android

Conquer the world

The other commanders are slowly becoming a hindrance in your eyes? So why not take them down to strengthen your control? If you are confident that you are strong enough and superior, you can attack their base. Lead your team to break into essential places to destroy and capture resources. The enemy will be in awe of what you can do. This activity brings a lot of harvests if you know how to make good use of it. Show the dominance you can exert over other players in Survival at Gunpoint mod.

Download Survival at Gunpoint MOD APK (Menu, Rapid Fire) for Android

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