ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE MOD v10.2.0 (God mode, high damage)

Posted 3 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
Version 10.2.0
Size 74M
MOD Features God mode, high damage [More]
Support Android 4.2+
Get it on Google Play

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE game lets you play the role of pirates. Search for rare and attractive treasures on the adventure journey. Explore life here with the characters, build a pirate army. Combine with other characters to create a strong pirate team. Accompany Luffy on his journey to become the pirate king. Form many armies to accomplish the goals set out. Fight and recruit anime stars from different parts of the world. Explore the vast world of One Piece with many surprises. Use reasonable attacks to defeat opponents quickly. Together with ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE to perform many missions, quickly become the powerful pirate king.

Prepare plans and tactics to go to the sea to perform missions. Many challenges are waiting for you to explore on the arduous journey. That is why the player needs to have fighting skills, to deal with the opponent. Form the pirate army, begin the journey of nets at sea. It will certainly bring you many interesting experiences. Use easily by touching the screen, fighting and creating intense confrontation combos. Make the enemy surprise and tremble in front of your troops. Start a journey of fighting to become the ruler of the sea kingdom.



1. MOD ON / OFF via configuration file
2. God mode.
3. High damage

Important note (read carefully!)
– If you play the game for the first time, please turn off all cheats in the configuration file and complete the previous tutorial without any cheats.
– How to use the configuration file will be explained in the next step.

1. Android 6+ needs to enable storage permissions in-app settings first.
2. First time starting the game will create in your/sdcard /location a folder “PLATINMODS.COM” with platinmods_One Piece Treasure Cruise.txt inside.
3. The default setting for the first start is: ALL CHEATS = ON
4. Open the file with an editor and cheat activation/deactivation.
5. Save the file and restart the game to apply the changes.

V2 Menu mod (Blackmod)

  • Onehit
  • God mode.

Download ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE mod – Transform into the legendary Pirate King

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE opens you up for a fierce battle with your opponents. Play as a bandit, form a gang, to remote islands. Fight against many other famous bandits, fight to the end to become the winner. The road to the pirate king is very arduous, requiring players to make endless efforts. Together with teammates, fight and eliminate many opponents from the sea and islands. Stand up and rule the vast sea. Start with ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE to make your journey to becoming the ruler of the seas.

Army establishment

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE includes more than 2000 characters for you to choose from to build your team. Straw Hat Luffy, Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro, Black Dragon Sanji, Thief Nami, Robin – Child of the Devil … Players are completely free to choose characters. Choose your character to form an army of 6 people. The characters are classified according to their strength in different ranks. With such a large number, you can form many formations. Teams have great power to fight the enemy. However, the team’s strength also only took up part of the match. In addition, the quite important factor is that you need to have smart fighting style. There are clever ways to handle the enemy at the right time. Work closely with your teammates to create resounding highs.

How to play

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE provides Turn-Based gameplay for players to play. Not only is it fighting your opponent normally, but you also have to inflict high damage. When the word Bam appears on the targets, record in the centre of the circle. You must click on a character to Chain Attack, you can combine Chain Attack with Special Attack to quickly defeat your opponent. The game also needs to be fast, attacking as many opponents as possible. There is a counter in each match, calculating the amount of damage each team is dealt with the opponent. The gameplay is not too difficult, you just need to focus on fighting to achieve results. Coordinate with teammates to support each other to quickly destroy the enemy.

Character upgrade

In higher matches, your opponent will be much stronger. So, upgrading your character is essential. Making your character stronger has more skills in combat to facing the opponents. Create many attacks that coordinate with your teammates to defeat the enemy. Arduous journey on pirate island, searching for treasures. Transformed into Luffy and joined friends in battles on board. Causing a counterattack, making the most of your ability to fight. Collect many posters in battle, upgrade the characters to grow stronger.

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE allows you to be pirate fighting with your teammates to destroy the enemies. Quickly destroy all life force of the enemy to stand up as the master. Cooperate with your teammates, equip weapons and tactics to deal with enemies. Download ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE to fight as the pirate king.


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