Clicker RPG Tap Princess MOD APK 1.6 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameClicker RPG Tap Princess APK
PublisherSeventh rank
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Diamonds
2. Unlimited Crystals

A role-playing game to rescue relatives with simple but equally interesting gameplay called Clicker RPG Tap Princess. Her kingdom is going through happy days. Suddenly, one day, the princess’s father was kidnapped by the demon king. This demon resides in a far away and mysterious place. That’s it, his daughter and the nation’s army of soldiers. Together they joined hands to rescue their father. On the adventure to find the whereabouts of her father, she had to deal with countless demons that appeared. They wanted to stop her and make her hesitate to find the monster’s location.

In normal games, players only see princes or knights fighting. Clicker RPG Tap Princess brings a new style when players will play the role of a princess. To show them a novelty when fighting is not always men capable. This princess also possesses superior skills. From mastering the sword due to being trained since childhood. Fighting a few demons was no longer difficult with her abilities. But also be careful because demons are very cunning. They usually attack when the player is at their best. Watch for the purple health bar with a black demon head in the upper right corner.

Clicker RPG Tap Princess apk free

Download Clicker RPG Tap Princess mod – The princess confronts the demons to rescue the king

True to the name of the game, this is a relatively simple clicker game in operation. When the demon appears, the player just needs to touch it, the princess’ sword automatically slashes down. Every time you slash at a demon, there is a purple number flying up, which automatically subtracts from the health bar. Each slash took the form of white power. In addition, when slashing demons, it is converted into gold coins and experience. The amount of gold coins that fell on the floor automatically went into the princess’s budget. From there, use them to upgrade the character, and increase the strength of our beautiful princess.

Clicker RPG Tap Princess apk

Soldiers agree

Normally, the princess treated her soldiers relatively poorly. Therefore, when something happened, they were always ready to stand up and fight with her. Her team of soldiers is called minions with many different key components. Sword-wielding knight Knight wearing gray armor, holding a sharp sword. The Hammer wore purple armor and held a massive black hammer. Or the archer Archer wearing a green hat, holding a familiar bow and arrow. The priest mage wears a robe and a white hat. In his hand, he holds a green magic staff with a pink gem on it.

Clicker RPG Tap Princess mod

Rare equipment

A collection of rare equipment that is gifted when going through tough battles. Or when dealing with giant demons. If you win, in return the player can receive cards and items. The golden bronze sword with the hilt is designed with luxurious gems. Yellow helmet, similarly designed shoes, or gray protective gloves. There were also barriers that prevented the attacks of demons. Some jewelry, such as earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings, etc., accentuates her flowing blue hair. Use crowns that exude royal beauty.

Clicker RPG Tap Princess mod apk

Demon demon team

A level clicker game means each level will have a different demon. As soon as the player kills a demon, the level automatically moves to the next level and transforms into another demon. The level increased with the difficulty, and the strength of the demons also increased. Probably a bunch of green slime with a yellow eye and a gaping mouth. A green goblin with a spear and a wooden shield in his hand. Or the purple mutant mouse with crimson eyes. Scary blue three-headed wolf. Or the red demon with the wings of a dragon, a head with three horns and sharp claws.

Clicker RPG Tap Princess android

The battle area is diverse, from the green grass at the foot of the mountain. Next to the erupting volcano, the flowing lava was gurgling. Or cold white snow mountains cover the surrounding air. When carrying a team of soldiers to fight, every time they hit their hands, they all simultaneously attack. Can bring all the soldiers you have on the team. There are even characters riding dragons to attack youkai from above. When you have enough money, click on the upgrade square in the gray table to level up the princess. Download Clicker RPG Tap Princess mod to join the battle against demons to rescue the king.

Download Clicker RPG Tap Princess MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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