Stickman Legends: Sword Fight MOD APK (God mode) 2.9

Updated 19/03/2024 (2 months ago)
NameStickman Legends: Sword Fight APK
PublisherGameFlex Studio
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Stickman Legends: Sword Fight

Get lost in Stickman Legends: Sword Fight MOD APK (God mode) to become a talented swordsman. You will play as a super-burning stickman with a fire sword with you. Take action to protect the people in the country where you live. Wherever there is the difficulty, there is your presence. Where there are bad guys, their stickman appears. With just a few simple steps, you can side with the righteous side to save innocent people. The interface is simple but not dull and brings attraction to players. Accompanying the player is a lightsaber that cuts wherever the dead go. Choose your favorite character with the most powerful sword to win the events.

As an action and fighting game, Stickman Legends: Sword Fight APK mod is set in a forest covered in darkness. With a ninja-like shape along with a Japanese landscape. Create a logical plot for Stickman Legends: Sword Fight. Evil stickmen wearing skull masks are intent on harming you. It would help if you got an intense fight with these vicious bandits. They often carry black spears or swords and axes. Please raise your hand to the righteous side to open a new history page for stickman people. Stickman Legends: Sword Fight does not require you to have super skills or complex requirements in the gameplay.

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Download Stickman Legends: Sword Fight mod – Become a stickman ninja to join the fight against evil

The motif is like other action game genres. Stickman Legends: Sword Fight APK 2.9 takes you to a deadly scene shrouded in darkness. Here open you a new adventure through different stations. During wartime chaos, bad guys appeared everywhere and needed someone to destroy this situation. Stop procrastinating and get to work right away. Only with basic movements such as left, right, up, and down on the left side of the screen. And special skills in the right corner of the screen. That you can ultimately start a fight to protect the right, the two factions will bring two completely different shades and colors.

Powerful skills

A stickman wearing a red scarf carries a lightsaber in his hand. Besides the basic moves, Stickman Legends: Sword Fight MOD APK gives you a collection of special skills. The quick launch skill helps you to move directly to the enemy. Jumping skills help you easily dodge and jump over obstacles. The mastery of swinging the sword makes your hand have a higher destructive power once, destroying more enemies. When the blades accumulate enough energy, it releases a powerful slash. Just touch the function keys in the right corner of the screen, and you can perform these skills.

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Various Weapons

With a diverse arsenal of weapons, Stickman Legends: Sword Fight will bring freshness to firearms. Guaranteed that you will not be bored using the same word every day. From bows, axes, knives, swords, … there are many different types, as long as you have enough money to buy them. In addition, you can also upgrade these weapons. After leveling up, the destructive power of the guns will increase to a new level. Each slash will cause damage to the enemy, not lightly. And players can also completely slash enemies from a distance to avoid harming them. The colors of the weapons will also vary across levels.

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Super battle battle

The arena of Stickman Legends: Sword Fight is filled with cruelty and cold blood. Especially when these robbers also bring pets that are poisonous spiders. Participating in the battle with the red-eyed two-horned bosses requires you to have soft skills. He will bring his entourage, so you have to be even more careful. On the left corner of the screen will display two white and yellow lines. The white line is the health of our side; the yellow line is the enemy’s health. You must shorten the yellow line while maintaining the white stripe above the bar. Otherwise, you will be killed and end the fight.

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The battles of Stickman Legends: Sword Fight take place in different regions. Each location will bring other enemies and terrain. You can also wholly invite more friends to participate in this survival battle. The slashes that make the enemy’s head cut off or cut in two are not strange. Rest assured that after going through the brutal fight, you will receive the sweet fruit. The included items will not let you down. Especially when there are significant events, things will increase, have a higher value, and be rare. Download Stickman Legends: Sword Fight mod transform into a ninja to participate in the battle to protect the city.

How to Download & Install Stickman Legends: Sword Fight MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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