War After MOD APK 0.9.125 (Menu/Wallhack)

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NameWar After APK
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A first-person shooter action game that offers a realistic experience in every detail. War After is such a PvP action game. Playing as a special soldier participating in the fierce world war does not make you falter. Natural resources in the world are gradually falling into depletion due to the terrible exploitation of mankind. Nations are constantly in conflict with each other leading to the end of the world. Capable resources, as well as shooting skills, also became scarce. There is a faction that will last to the end and claim all the remaining mineral resources.

Put on dusty bulletproof clothes. Every nook and cranny of the city and the world fell into a crash, engulfed in smog and radioactive contamination. Special forces soldiers must wear protective masks that cover their faces. All head-to-head battles here are automatic. Just click on the battle button, and the player is automatically sent to fight another team of soldiers from random around the world. In addition to shooting each other with other players, players also need to pay attention to protecting the base and territory. Join a certain faction and lead it to become the world dominating faction. Attack your opponents with the awesome guns you own.

War After android

Download War After mod – World war broke out under the shortage and depletion of mineral resources

Choose your favorite and familiar gun and enter the battlefield. Follow the yellow arrows on the street. It will lead you to treasure chests located in the city. Discover new niches for players to collect rewards. As soon as you encounter an enemy in front of you, shoot them right in the head. No need to let the enemies get too close, see the ball in the distance but still within the firing range. Use the scope to pinpoint the exact location. Then hand down is okay. On the way, take advantage of the ammunition to load your gun. Avoid facing enemies that run out of ammo, then run away as soon as you can.

War After apk

Weapons Treasure

Like many other shooting action games, the arsenal is the most diverse and attractive place for players. From handguns, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and even grenades. In addition to buying the guns in the store. Players can also pick up guns in the armory chests in the city. If the gun the player collects is stronger and more suitable for the fighting style at that time. Players can change to that gun always. For example, if you are using a shotgun, the enemy is far away. Luckily picked up a rifle with a rangefinder. Change to that type so that the bullet can also fly further and easy to hit.

War After mod

Various maps

War After’s map spans cities and locations around the world. From the wasteland, there were only trees and rocky outcrops. Or to an abandoned school with tables and chairs scattered. The scrap yard was filled with old tires and rusted engines. The dark laboratory with the glimmering blue light contained unfinished inventions. All these places are covered in a misty mist. Increases stimulation and challenge for players in the process of aiming. Take advantage of trees, cliffs, tires, and corridor walls.. to hide as a shield to help you prevent bullets from enemies.

War After apk free

Skill system

War After’s character controls are similar to other shooters. With two action keys divided into two sides of the screen. The left corner is still the movement control button, and the right is the operation buttons. On the right, there are six main sports buttons. Includes a circular aiming button with a dot in it. There is a button that shoots a picture of a soldier holding a gun on one knee. The button that fires three bullets is aligned with each other. There’s also a grenade and number button on the side. Click on it to be able to throw grenades at the opponent. Use only when it is difficult, or the enemy is gathered together to avoid waste. There is also a gun image showing the number of bullets.

War After mod apk

In addition to the change in guns, there is also a change in clothing for the player. Even though it’s just bulletproof suits and simple commando uniforms. But changes also create newness and inspiration for players to join the war. Dark moss green t-shirts combined with boxed pants. Or a tank top to show off the muscular lines on the body. But indispensable leather holsters, ammunition, and grenades on the body. Downloading War After mod opens the war for resources in the world.

Download War After MOD APK (Menu/Wallhack) for Android

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