Super Penguins MOD APK 2.5.1 (Unlimited Lives/Boosters)

Updated on 28/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameSuper Penguins APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives/Boosters
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Live on game
2. Choose 1 Booster for free

Take control of the penguins in the north of the earth and rescue your companions in Super Penguins. The penguin’s friends have been captured and guarded by evil octopuses. The arctic penguin wants to save his friends and has a perfect plan. But he needs a companion to overcome the challenge the octopus creates. And you are the one chosen by the cute penguin to accompany you on this journey. Go to the cold part of the earth and cooperate with cute penguins. Embark on a trip to overcome all the challenges of the octopus and free your penguin friend.

The Arctic region is always cold and home to many cold-loving creatures. This is where penguins and friends live together through time. Together they frolic in the icebergs and rivers melt from the high mountains. However, the appearance of octopuses has taken away the peace of the penguins. The octopus chased the penguins, and eventually, they caught all but one bird. Now that penguin must save his cute friends from danger. Accompany the penguin and overcome each octopus’ trap and find friends.

Super Penguins android

Download Super Penguins mod – Save your friends with the penguins

Life in the arctic has been turned upside down since the arrival of the evil octopus. The penguins have been dismembered, and the octopus has captured some parts. No matter how scary the octopuses are, the penguins still have to find a way to save them. Ahead of the penguin promises to be the challenges of the octopus if it wants to succeed in the rescue. But all difficulties will be nothing if you can accompany your bird forward. Instead, choose an arctic penguin and race against time to return. Collect bonuses for overcoming challenges and growing your penguin.

Super Penguins apk

Rescue mission

Octopus monsters have captured the penguin’s arctic friends. The peace in this cold place has been destroyed, and you are forced to rescue your friends. This journey will not be easy because waiting for the birds is an obstacle. Besides, facing the evil octopus when overcoming all challenges would be best. Fighting them will not be easy, but you and the penguins will be invincible. All difficulties before a solid friendship will become more accessible than ever to overcome. Help the remaining penguins become more muscular and perform the rescue mission.

Super Penguins mod

Arctic journey

One of Theguin’s friends was taken away, and one by one, the rest of the birds did nothing. The one who caused that was the octopus that migrated to the north and took over the land. The danger is over, and the remaining penguins must come to the rescue. The friends need to be rescued quickly because the octopuses are very cruel. They trap their friends next to them, so the penguins are not easily accessible and saved. On the way closer to friends, there are more and more challenges created by the octopus itself. Control the penguins towards the octopus and rescue each friend from danger.

Super Penguins mod apk

Increased strength

In this rescue, you can increase the power of the creatures living in the Arctic. Controlling each animal to go up to rescue friends will require considerable strength. So you have to increase the strength of each animal you choose to join the rescue mission. With enough power, the animal you control can overcome the octopus challenge. And to do this, you need to pay attention to the bonuses after each rescue. Or you can gradually upgrade the power of the penguins right on the way to recovery. Overcome the octopus challenge with your skills and control to secure the rescue mission.

Super Penguins free

Octopus has appeared in the Arctic, and this cold land has added a new creature. But the other thing is that the octopuses are very cruel, and they have taken most of the animals. The cute penguin’s friends were taken away and detained right next to them. The penguin is forced to save his friends who were taken away because of their friendship. The rescue mission has begun, and you join the penguin on the arctic journey. Power up the birds immediately after a successful rescue or during a recovery. Download Super Penguins mod to help the penguin rescue his friends and explore the arctic.

Download Super Penguins MOD APK (Unlimited Lives/Boosters) for Android

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