Tower Breaker MOD APK 1.51.0 (Unlimited money, souls, skulls)

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NameTower Breaker APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, souls, skulls
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The towers of the medieval period were always beautiful and reserved places for kings. This place contains many treasures that are carefully and securely hidden. The inside can be very carefully guarded, making it difficult for a thief to enter. The towers are also the place where soldiers can guard and defend the castles. If you are a fan of fighting and towers, you should not miss it. The Tower Breaker game will give you the feeling of becoming a warrior.

The story begins with a knight who hates heaven so he borrowed a demon’s power. Now the defensive towers of paradise will have to face him. The people standing on the tower will suffer his wrath. With legendary pixel graphics similar to the old and classic titles. You will experience the feeling of killing extremely hands-on. Especially those who are passionate about action fighting games will not be able to miss it. Makes you hands-free entertainment and gives a strong feeling to you in your free time. Put all your stress on this charismatic fight.

Tower Breaker mod download

Download Tower Breaker mod – Become a devil warrior

Entering the world of Tower Breaker you will transform into a hero with the power of the devil. Your goal now is nothing but toppling heaven. Infiltrate the towers and destroy all the guards there, causing them to collapse at your hands. The control mechanism of the game is very simple and easy to manipulate. You will not need to move to fight but just stand still for the enemy to kill themselves. Use the attack button so your character can attack your opponent. Use the defense button to let your character block all their attacks. There are also skill buttons like cutting energy or counterattack.

Tower Breaker mod free

Conquer the towers of the world

The place needed to fight your enemies is the towers in Tower Breaker. These towers are forbidden places that ordinary people cannot enter or can enter and are quickly destroyed. But you are the chosen one with the power of the devil flowing in your veins. You can break through the doors of the tower and enter. Each tower is a game screen and there are many floors that reach the top. You will have to climb floor by floor and destroy all the guards and collect their souls. The guards in each tower floor will become stronger and the last floor will be the strongest. Slaughter and win valuable rewards.

Tower Breaker mod android

Destroy enemies with skills

Are the enemies you fight too strong to hit with your hands? Use your character’s skills to destroy them faster. These skill buttons will be located on the attack and defense buttons, just activate to be able to use. Great skills like cutting energy and counterattack will blow away stubborn enemies. But they take time to accumulate and regain. Use them wisely so that in dangerous situations it will help. Use them to turn the tide and save your character. At the same time wipe out the guards on the floors more quickly. Destroy all the tallest towers.

Tower Breaker mod apk

Summon armor from hell

With the mighty warriors of Tower Breaker, there is never a lack of armor. There are many powerful hell armors for you to choose from. Each suit of armor will have its own unique color and strength characteristics. When combined with powerful weapons you will become super-level warriors. Destroy all the skyscrapers with powerful blows. Get yourself the strongest armor by unlocking them. Use the resources you earn to unlock these super cool armors. When worn, you will have unique shapes with skill effects that change according to the armor.

Tower Breaker mod game

Collect weapons from enemies

You will be able to collect weapons when you defeat the guardians of the tower. These weapons will drop when their owner is down and you can own them. Each weapon has unique and strange styles such as spears, claws, swords,… All will be freely chosen and equipped by you. Each of these weapons will give you different skills to use in battle. Use them in combination with other power equipment to defeat the most stubborn bosses. Make them fall and bring back valuable spoils. Download now Tower Breaker mod to become a warrior of the hell of death. Destroy all the enemies and make the towers collapse.

Download Tower Breaker MOD APK (Unlimited money, souls, skulls) for Android

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