Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad MOD APK (God mode) 2.3

Updated 15/04/2024 (6 days ago)
NameMetal ContraS: Soldiers Squad APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad

Test your ability to control your warrior against the forces of crime in Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad. You will become a fighter for world peace when this place is in danger. Those are the dangers of the evil forces that always appear intending to destroy the world. But the level of destruction has increased, and a leading criminal organization has emerged. They are the largest terrorist organization in the world and will use all means to carry out the plan. And they have combined with the aliens to invade the entire human race. Fight with mighty warriors for you to keep the world and people safe.

The human world always has evil forces that want to destroy everything at all costs. So they will continue their plans to destroy the world until they succeed. And you will confront the enemies of the world and stop them before they can act. It is a terrorist organization with crimes piled up when occupying an island as a base. They have expanded their territory and have built military zones, to begin with. But you will not let them strengthen the evil force but will step out to prevent it. Transform into a super soldier using advanced equipment to attack the crime base.

Metal ContraS Soldiers Squad android

Download Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad mod – Fight with brave super soldiers

You will become a warrior to protect the world from the cruelest things. Those criminal forces intend to take the world’s interests for themselves. But all your efforts can be in vain without purging them from the world. So in this war against destructive enemies, you must be determined to destroy the evil forces. They have created a base on a large island and are even associated with aliens. But you will not give up and start the fighting journey of a brave warrior. Join the fight to protect the world and prevent criminals from carrying out their plans of destruction.

Metal ContraS Soldiers Squad apk

Attack plan

People are still moving forward and always looking for the best. But some parts do not want the whole world to develop but only think for themselves. So they always create crimes to destroy the world and make illicit profits. But you are a warrior and will not let the evil continue to carry out its selfish plan. And you will start your attack to eradicate all the corruption in the world. However, this will be challenging since they have cooperated with the invaders from the outside. Prepare a plan of attack so that you can join your super soldier to destroy the enemy.

Metal ContraS Soldiers Squad free

Break into the enemy base

You have become a warrior of the world and will join the fight for humanity. And where you will attack is the base that terrorists build to train their forces. They have created a strong fortress, and that will be the challenge for the warrior. Inside there are also alien invaders, and they are entrenched in the base. But you will still rush in there and start the mission to fight for the protection of people. Your goal is to eradicate the crime and will persist with the attack until it succeeds. Rush into the target base with warrior power to complete your mission to eliminate terror.

Metal ContraS Soldiers Squad mod

Conquer the enemy

The enemies that you must defeat at the beginning of your mission are the terrorists out there. They have built a base to perfect their evil force for the invasion. But you have attacked there and started the plan to destroy the enemy’s territory. And you will overcome many challenges the enemy creates to prevent you from succeeding. Those will be dangerous labyrinths with many enemy guard systems. They also have support from aliens when confronting warriors like you. Show the power of the warrior fighting for humanity and conquering the war against the enemy.

Metal ContraS Soldiers Squad mod apk

You will work with your talented warriors to build a plan to attack the evil forces. These selfish people want to destroy the world with many evil plans and details. And to secure the opportunity to take over the world, they also cooperate with the alien invaders. So you will storm the enemy base and start to stop the world enemies successfully. But all the challenges from enemies and invaders will make friendship difficult. And it would be best if you persevered in advancing with weapons of discovery in combat and destroying terrorists. Download Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad mod to destroy enemy bases with warriors.

How to Download & Install Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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