Stickman and Gun: Zombie War MOD APK 1.0.6 (Menu/God mode/Unlimited ammo)

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NameStickman and Gun: Zombie War APK
PublisherCiDi Hood
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Unlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

-> Godmode
-> Unlimited Ammo
-> Pickup Reward Multiplier

The theme of zombies always gives us a feeling of suspense and surprise. Stickman and Gun: Zombie War is also a game that is no exception when it gives us an extremely attractive context. In a zombie world, human greed will rise stronger than ever. We humans are willing to betray our own species to win life. With a similar situation, how will you act in Stickman and Gun: Zombie War when your life is at stake. If you are a follower of the zombie shooting game, it is a blessing. The game will let you immerse yourself in the harshest survival. The decision about the future of humanity is entirely up to you.

If you wonder what the zombies would do to survive in times of war. I will answer that they are definitely trying to find ways to take over your brain. Therefore, there is no need to compromise with this bloodthirsty thing. To fight for survival, you need to do everything possible to destroy all opponents. At the same time, trying to find food and food to survive the pandemic. Coming to Stickman and Gun: Zombie War, you will experience a similar and true feeling. Holding a gun and hunting zombies to protect humanity is a noble task.
Stickman and Gun Zombie War mod

Download Stickman and Gun: Zombie War mod – Survival in the zombie pandemic

Stickman and Gun: Zombie War is an unexpected blend of an extremely addictive 2D shooter role-playing game. Here, you will act like an extremely strong and brave stickman. Control your character into different actions such as shooting directly at the zombies. Slaughter all the zombies and protect your loved ones. They absolutely will not ignore and always chase you wherever you are. Their fearsome bloodlust will bring you an extremely stimulating experience. Let’s take a look and take a look at the good things that have attracted people like that.
Stickman and Gun Zombie War mod free

Easy gameplay, fast paced

The scene of the extremely thrilling battle is on the roof of a moving train. The sound of cars rattled continuously and at the same time the zombies rushed forward like a storm. This is really a situation of thousands of pounds hanging hair that not everyone can handle. But if you can, stay calm and attack zombies one by one. Their power is limited and will not be able to rival the intelligence of humans. But remember that they outnumber you. To win, having a reasonable plan is also very important.
Stickman and Gun Zombie War androi

Powerful guns shoot boom

To fight with extremely bloodthirsty zombies, of course you will not be able to fight with your bare hands. The enemy is as numerous as the Yuan army, but we are alone. If we fight with our hands, we will not be able to win for a long time. Fortunately, the developer offers you a wide variety of weapons. Each type has its own conditions of use and strength for you to choose from. They will be the main factor determining your victory. No matter how good the skill is, the gun is not suitable for the situation, it is just a stainless steel mosquito.
Stickman and Gun Zombie War mod apk

Enemies will become stronger over time, later they become stronger. So remember to upgrade and maintain your gun. Each time they are upgraded, their power will become much more superior than before. Different types of guns when upgraded also give different bullet effects, or different bonus points. The key to victory is to focus on upgrading your favorite gun. Only then will your resources become the most optimal.

Build character appearance

There’s nothing better than being able to choose the appearance for the character you control. Everyone’s style is different, so the developer allows you to have a character that suits your personality. They can be a burly six-pack, or an attractive affluent guy. Even a guy in military uniform is not a problem. Explore and unleash your creativity.

Stickman and Gun Zombie War apk free

Stickman and Gun: Zombie War is an interesting game that is extremely suitable for free time. Especially, you can join without requiring an internet-enabled device. So join this war regardless of time or space. The above things have made Stickman and Gun: Zombie War mod a game worth experiencing immediately. So what are you thinking without downloading and participating in this survival war?

Download Stickman and Gun: Zombie War MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Unlimited ammo) for Android

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