Butchero MOD APK (God mode) 7.6.00

Updated 08/07/2021 (3 years ago)
NameButchero APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Butchero

Perhaps it is not necessary to say too much about action games in which the player is transformed into a mighty warrior. Adventure in the lands to the caves and alleys to fight evil monsters and become the most powerful warrior. That is very true for the Butchero game. However, it will probably take you some time to get used to it. Because the game possesses a very unique gameplay, not too complicated, and does not lose its appeal. What that is, you will know shortly. Pick up your smartphone and find out the truth.

Butchero will be quite different from everyone’s imagination. Because no game about serious combat has ever been designed on a vertical screen. This game will surely blow your mind. This will probably not be the first time, but extremely impressive for anyone new to the game. Especially for gamers who are passionate about building and developing characters, Butchero still meets that in the most complete and wonderful way.

Butchero mod

Download Butchero mod – New perspective in adventure and combat

Transform into one of 2 optional characters: Butchero and Liv. You will travel with them through lands with typical climates and landscapes. Along with that is the battle to protect yourself, against the familiar enemy. Of course, you will have to use the virtual Joystick to control the character in combat. While they can do automatic attacks. Dodge the damage and power dealt by the enemy. Every time a place is completed. Immediately go to a new location to continue to roam and show the monster your hand.

First, let’s get acquainted with our 2 main characters. The first is Butchero, a strong nomad guy. Always sacrifice yourself for the cause and have extraordinary strength. The second is Liv, the princess but not weak. Possessing the talent to be able to master any weapon masterfully. Rely on these 2 characters throughout the game. You will fight together and upgrade their strength. Each person has a very separate branch of strength and skill. Your main task is to build gameplay and unleash the full potential of the warriors. Aim to become the strongest warrior.

Butchero mod apk

Full character building

Although with a very simple design, it can even be played with one finger. But Butchero is very favored in the process of building and upgrading the character. We will still have the level system, equipment and skills needed in combat. Who could have imagined that this could happen? Until you can earn the most powerful weapons. Terrible special skills. To equip Butchero and Liv to increase their maximum power. Strengthening and upgrading them is also possible. Then isn’t it reaching the level of an MMORPG. However, just not online.

Butchero mod mod

Confront many different forces

The monsters that will confront you are also very diverse in species and strength. But the most difficult is probably the bosses of each level. Not to mention their enormous size. Dense skills along with many complex manipulations will make you extremely confused when faced for the first time. You will have to dodge attacks repeatedly before you even think about dealing with them. Because if you are not careful, spider cocoons, meteorites, and ice will grab you. Just a little carelessness can kill your life at any time. That said, although the design is simple, with the difficulty, Butchero will not disappoint you.

Butchero mod apk free

Use the terrain smartly

For some special levels, or simply with a special environment design. You can absolutely use them to your advantage. A simple example is hiding behind rocks to avoid enemy damage for a period of time. Or take advantage of many different factors that create strength and ingenuity for your warrior. It will all be in your brain’s thinking. This is a playground for you to unleash your creativity in the way you play. As long as you meet the ultimate mission of destroying the enemy in front of you. You will be greatly appreciated for your talent.

Butchero mod free

No need for too much space and terrible configuration for your smartphone. You’ve got the complete Butchero experience on whatever device you love. The further you go in your journey. The more experience and power you accumulate, the higher. So don’t hesitate to fight alongside the two legendary heroes. Create a battlefield where you are the strongest. No one can stop you from conquering all enemies in the world with Butchero mod.

How to Download & Install Butchero MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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