Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO APK 1.1.1

Updated 18/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameMetal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4
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Introduce MOD APK Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO

Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO MOD APK will bring classic and simple battles to you. We can feel the breath of the battlefield more clearly again. From there, find the purpose to change the outcome of the wars. Stand side by side with warriors rushing into dangerous areas, despite everything to get his victory. Nothing can make you fall. Heroes will always stand up to protect world peace. Despite all the dangers they may encounter. You will participate in those furious battles. Carry out the most amazing raids we know of.

This game is in collaboration between the leading brand SNK and Hamster Corporation. Since then, the game Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO has been released in front of fans. No need for giant gaming consoles or pics anymore. Now, the breath of classicism has appeared on mobile. You can play it nostalgically and admire its awesomeness. We will indeed find joy during this game. This is truly something that not everyone can feel. But the pleasure in memories will exist right next to you. What are you waiting for? Try this super product now. Join a war that cannot be stopped.


Download Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO mod apk – Fight with your greatness

In this war, we will play the role of a pilot. Our mission is to destroy all enemy headquarters. Face the war weapons they mobilize. This will help prevent an unwanted war from happening. Defeat the most evil plots of reactionary organizations. To do that, you need to learn how to control your plane. Move flexibly to avoid enemy bullets.

Additionally, attack and destroy all enemies. Overcome dangerous lands and emerge victorious. You will be awarded when you return to your headquarters.

Giant machines

Besides mobilizing small planes and tanks, enemies in Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO mod apk can do much more. They also create machines of enormous size. These are huge tanks or fighter planes. These are highly destructive weapons. Wherever they go, they will become desolate. Destroy all lives around. However, we must not be afraid. Move forward and find their weak spot. When you attack those weak points, it will be easy to destroy. But we also need to avoid the firepower coming from those super terrible machines that continuously target us.


Upgrade the plane

You can upgrade your plane to increase its firepower. When you reach a higher level, your firepower will grow and become extremely powerful. You can see its projectiles are changed. The rate of fire will be faster, and the damage will also be higher. Combined with the items you receive in the game, it will become mighty. Thus, we will have enough conditions to participate in more difficult levels. Quickly destroy the enemy’s destructive weapons. Not only that, but you can also easily create a higher probability of winning. Achieve new achievements by unlocking new aircraft functions.


Do the quests

Each of your flights will have a different purpose. Assigned tasks will be subject to change depending on the condition of the battlefield. It will also follow a story about our hero. The plot will be closely linked to the game levels. It helps you play while enjoying the progress of this war how our hero overcomes difficulties. New victories will be established. No one can look down on you anymore. Now, all hope is in our hands. Skills will determine whether you can succeed or fail before the terrifying destruction of the enemy.


The missions we undertake will always create new surprises. There are always difficulties waiting to knock you down. However, the madness in combat will bring us a feeling of suspense. Boost your ambition for victory to overcome the most substantial firepower of the enemy. Become a fearless and highly skilled warrior. Don’t be afraid of any enemy on the battlefield, and consistently surpass your limits in Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO mod apk.

How to Download & Install Metal Slug 3 ACA NEOGEO APK for Android


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