Monster Killer MOD APK 0.32.357 (Unlimited money)

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NameMonster Killer APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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You probably know a lot about monster hunters in movies or comic books. However, in the game, developers rarely pay attention to this topic. Fortunately, we still have an excellent game called Monster Killer. Get back to the main theme of a monster hunter in the dark. Adventures to destroy a series of terrifying lurking monsters. Guaranteed to play the game, you will feel like watching a horror movie. Although there are no demonic details, it still makes people shudder. Accompanying us is a monster hunter who is not afraid of anything in the world.

Developed and designed in a vertical top-down style. The story of Monster Killer is about a mysterious man. He has extraordinary health and fighting ability that is hard to match. In his world, everything looks dark and scary. A place where there are always monsters that intend to finish him off at any moment. With powerful weapons in hand, you alone will have to fight against all of them. Make monsters completely extinct.

Monster Killer mod

Download Monster Killer mod – Transform into an invincible monster hunter

Because it is designed on a vertical screen, you will control your finger to move the hunter. The levels in the game correspond to a certain number of monsters. Customize the weapons in your hand, use them to destroy all those monsters. Only then can you proceed to the next level. Despite such a continuous battle scene, there are plot events interspersed with certain levels. You will have to discover and find the secret to destroying all the monsters. Take advantage of the many new abilities unlocked by level. Gradually becoming the ultimate hunter invincible.

The scene that belonged to the city of London has now become dilapidated and covered in a terrifying black. No one knows what happened to this city. The only terrible thing for sure is that there are a lot of monsters lurking everywhere. That’s why our main character is here. Single-handedly fighting to protect the survivors. Defeat monsters with every technique and peak power. Just a small mistake is enough to send you to heaven.

Monster Killer mod free

Expand weapon abilities

There are three weapons equivalent to the three main roles that you can choose when fighting. The first is the blade with the role of an assassin. As an assassin, he will always act silently and perfectly. It shows how much damage those blades can do. If you don’t like it, you can play as an archer. With a bow that radiates energy in his hand, shooting powerful long-range arrows at the monsters was also very effective. The most popular are probably gunners with mobile guns. The highest damage level and super gliding ability. Make sure every creature that encounters the gunner will be vaporized. Please pay attention to upgrade through each stage.

Monster Killer mod apk

Wild Monsters

Don’t be surprised to see the shapes of monsters. There is a chance you will be shocked by that horrible appearance. Many types of monsters with various abilities and powers. Almost every battle, it is necessary to get used to them or be very easy to destroy. Each type of monster will have a different attack and strength. Not to mention the huge boss power. With a dense health bar, and takes a long time to kill. Surely you have to resort to tactics to deal with them. First, find out which power will be suitable to fight this type of monster. Then change to a suitable form and defeat it quickly.

Upgrade and support strength

The issue of upgrading the hunter’s strength we discussed in the previous section. Now I will focus on your supporting strengths. The most prominent is probably the pets you bring to fight. You will unlock them when you reach a certain stage. They will bring a variety of special abilities and effects to help you adapt to the battle. More time is being able to heal, increase strength and speed. It is possible to carry more than one pet in combat. This will maximize endurance. Everything is still under control, and you will easily win straight. This adventure looks very interesting and worth looking forward to.

Monster Killer mod apk free

The monster hunt will never end as long as there are monsters around. Monster Killer brings a dark atmosphere typical of horror style. Show off epic battles of hunters with monsters. Hunters can become stronger or not depends on your own construction and fighting skills. Together with the legendary hunter, liberate the dark city. Monster Killer mod blows away all boring and sluggish emotions to be ready to fight.

Download Monster Killer MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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