Pixel Hero: Roguelike MOD APK 1.2.2 (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode)

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NamePixel Hero: Roguelike APK
PublisherArarat Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Escape the siege of monsters that want to eat you and destroy them in the game Pixel Hero: Roguelike. The undead rises from the ground and comes towards you like a predator. You will have to fight the god of death, who rules everyone’s life after death. Monsters of different shapes are constantly coming toward you to attack. You need to hold weapons and move around so as not to be surrounded by monsters. Collect rewards that drop from monsters to level up and unlock hero skills. Incredible powers from demons will help you fight them more easily. Choose your weapons every time you level up to destroy all enemies.

Joining the game is also when you choose your challenge in different dungeons. You will have to fight dangerous opponents that surround you from all over the map. You can upgrade the hero’s power before you decide to adventure in the dungeon. At the prison door is a list of the character’s potential, which you can upgrade. Each prospect will help the hero in a different way and you need to read carefully before deciding to upgrade. Collect loot from monsters and equip skills to help you fight. Choose one of six heroes and enter the dungeon where monsters await you ahead.

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Download Pixel Hero: Roguelike mod – Fight the dungeon monsters

You will join the journey to conquer the dungeons in the game with your hero. The heroes will fight differently in the dungeon, but you will upgrade their overall strength. That makes you confident and willing to choose the jail you use to challenge yourself. Your every move will bring about powerful opponents, and you must destroy them all. Find your way out between the siege of monsters and continuously level up in combat to increase your strength. The monsters will grow more robust, and you need to do the same to fight fairly. Conquer the dungeon and restore its peace by destroying all the monsters.

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Survival in the dungeon

Dungeons have continuously been inhabited by hundreds of numerous monsters over the years. They always want to get out of here and freely attack anything outside your world. It is a suitable place when you want to test the control power of heroes. You will take the hero into the dungeon, and the monsters will come from everywhere to attack you. Falling into their clutches can be a terrifying experience, but it’s also a way to test your finances. Your hero will automatically attack, and you need to control them to avoid damage from enemies. It could be a collision with a zombie or an enemy bullet from the dark.

Pixel Hero Roguelike android

Fight with skill

Your hero needs to unlock skills when facing hundreds of enemies coming toward him. You must progress to collect the experience drops when the monster is destroyed. However, just stopping for a moment, you may be surrounded by them and unable to escape. At that time, it is only a matter of sooner or later that you are destroyed because they are numerous. So you need to take them to another place and leave the experience for the next time you come back. They will quickly follow you, and you need to turn forward and pick up the experience. The experience bar will let you know when you are about to level up and choose a combat skill for yourself.

Pixel Hero Roguelike mod apk

Defeat hundreds of monsters

You will choose a dungeon to fight with hundreds of monsters that coexist in it. They gathered in great numbers, and their bloodthirsty nature had diminished over the years. But your appearance rekindled their spirit and rushed towards you. You will have to unlock weapons from chests dropped from monsters to fight. Each type of weapon will have different functions and help you destroy demons while moving. Run away from the monsters surrounding you and kill them continuously to unlock skills and weapons. Defeat the monster bosses during the siege and return the dungeon to peace.

Pixel Hero Roguelike apk

Join the journey of survival in the dungeon from escaping from the chasing monsters. They try to chase and want to eat you to satisfy their long-standing bloodthirsty nature. You will have to run away because you alone cannot face all the monsters in it. Their colossal number will crush you immediately without you having time to do anything. Try to shoot down some of them, run out of the encirclement, and stay alive. Use your skills to fight monsters; the dungeon is where you survive. Download Pixel Hero: Roguelike mod and slay hundreds of monsters with weapons you can unlock from the reward box.

Download Pixel Hero: Roguelike MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode) for Android

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