Epic Brawl MOD APK (Unlimited money, immortal) 3.4

Updated 24/11/2023 (3 months ago)
NameEpic Brawl APK
PublisherAppOn Innovate
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, immortal
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Epic Brawl

Join an attack and defense game with a general control mechanism: Epic Brawl – Battle Royale. Strong offensive warriors defend solidly with excellent and novel mechanics. A fighting game that will have countless other players participating and healthy competition. Always try to build a strong gaming community together. Send soldiers and generals to fight with potent tools. Become a war master mastering the arts of combat in every battle. Collect thousands of cards of generals and soldiers on your side’s army to fight enemies in all lands.

If you are a king and want to explore and expand your territory, you need to bring your army, people, and generals everywhere to fight and cultivate. So in Epic Brawl – Battle Royale, you are a powerful king specializing in conquering. Capture and take down enemy defense towers with the most unbeatable army here. Experiment with offline campaigns with basic levels or improve your skills manually. Online with tons of players competing for the top spot. The war has already begun, my friend. So quickly lead your army to conquer the promised land or rub against the experienced players immediately!

Epic Brawl mod apk

Download Epic Brawl mod – Clash with new players and lands

With Epic Brawl, you will have an enjoyable Battle Royale game experience. Together with the generals, control soldiers to conquer the battlefield anytime, anywhere. Be ready to welcome any mode, whether online or offline, anywhere. Try to destroy the opponent’s castle as well as protect your castle. Win valuable novelty items in treasure chests every battle as an attractive gift. Continuously unlock the legendary generals and warriors in the legend. Along with the countless skills that warriors have, you can participate in fiery battles. Magic, strength, and wisdom are what you need to defeat every enemy in front of you.

Epic Brawl mod

Collect troops and spells

To fight in Epic Brawl – Battle Royale, you must have the most powerful warriors. Legendary warriors will appear in the game for you to bring back to your team. Try to bring back the generals and their soldiers to increase attack and defense stats. Collect strange cards to unlock and develop an unrivaled squad to fight countless enemies. Build an army with combat power and strategic thinking in your head that is suitable for all enemies, like a hero wielding a sword to rush out to destroy the enemy with a fleet of elite archers supporting them to rush forward. Every element requires you to go recruiting.

Epic Brawl mod android free

Character advancement

A mage casting spells behind a mighty warrior would require a variety of spells. Or an archer needs the best bows to shoot accurately and have the most damage. A warrior rushed out with swords and strong shields. What do those things require of a game player? That is the ability to upgrade the strength of their generals and soldiers. Countless ways to increase the combat power of the troops in the squad. For example, earning more gold to buy more equipment, using potions, and getting more star-level points after each battle. The ax-wielding warrior needs health, range, and damage. The mage needs multi-target spells on the floor and health. Cannons and archers need equipment and time to fight.

Epic Brawl mod android

New and diverse champion cards

The available cards in the game are many typical, such as Gunslinger, Crusader, Broom mage, Rock, Juggernaut, Queen of Ember, Chimpanzee, etc. Each card is a different type of warrior. Difference. Cool, exciting choices that you can bring back to your squad. Gunslingers wielding cannons shoot from a distance with colossal area damage. Magicians spell lightning strikes from the sky, empowering and healing other illusions. Each champion card will be opened in a different chest. With powerful champion cards, green, yellow, brown, and red chests will appear.

Epic Brawl mod apk free

Epic Brawl – Battle Royale is exciting with all different levels. Ready to welcome every gaming enthusiast? Players are incredibly passionate about extreme Battle Royale games. Online with intense competitive PvP levels that pit players against each other. Climbing to the top of the leaderboard shows your class and strength before every other player in the game. Offline with the levels of conquering the land, the essential oasis the game creates. Conquer valuable items to bring back to your land. Download the Epic Brawl mod to join the battle of the strongest champions everywhere, and win crowns and halo after each match.

How to Download & Install Epic Brawl MOD APK (Unlimited money, immortal) for Android


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