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Updated on 19/05/2021 (2 years ago)
NameMental Hospital VI APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Battery
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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You feel interesting and heart-pounding before the horror chases. Here the character who has to run away is you. And behind is the dark force with many demonic creatures. Sounds scary and creepy, doesn’t it? But since you love such sensations, Mental Hospital VI is definitely for you. An action horror game that gets a lot of positive reviews. Come to this dark mysterious mental hospital. The weirdest and most terrifying creatures are waiting for you to explore this place. To be able to pounce and tear you apart at any time.

Most of the action-horror games will be based on many mystical stories. In an abandoned and creepy place. The same goes for Mental Hospital VI, set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Santa Monica. You – a reporter for a local newspaper decided to come here. In order to solve and bring back the most authentic news. To clarify rumors of bizarre incidents happening at this hospital. With just a small camera, you will learn the most mysterious things behind the dark.

Mental Hospital VI mod mod

Download Mental Hospital VI mod – Take stealth action to a new level

With a hand-held spinning reel. The main character is that you will step into the mental hospital step by step. Explore every nook and cranny and bring back precious footage. The story won’t go so smoothly when it’s only in the first phase. The main character seems to feel insecure. When there are many strange noises. The climax is when mutant monsters appear. Either in a dark corner, or jump in your face at any moment. Be prepared to face these many dangerous creatures. Once encountered without being able to run away, you will surely die a very painful death.

There are different levels in Mental Hospital VI. Every time you complete a level you will receive a reward and be prepared for the next challenge. Missions also vary from filming, exploring, escaping from monsters… You can also upgrade the cameras to improve video quality. To bring the most valuable news and documents to the public. With a mysterious plot and many unpredictable episodes. Players will be swept up in quests and mysterious areas. The higher the danger, the more interesting the details will be.

Mental Hospital VI mod apk free

Face a lot of weird monsters

Countless different monsters in the game will always stalk to harm you at any time. Most of them are mutated humans and animals. The deformed body part looks very weird and horrible. The fact that they appear and scare players in the dark makes the level of fear raised to the maximum. Excessively violent scenes are almost not suitable for young gamers, so be careful. Monsters have different strengths and techniques. Some types even equip their own weapons. You have to be very careful in high levels to preserve your life.

Mental Hospital VI mod apk

Perfect suffocating atmosphere

Mental Hospital VI really has excellently displayed the atmosphere of the game’s own context. From letting players feel a mysterious and exciting journey. Then push to many climax with terrifying events. Leaving an extremely deep haunt but not lacking in attractiveness. The monsters are not exactly the main characters that create this strange horror. And that is the darkness, the cold to the extreme. In every step of the character is the most obvious sneaking, sneaking and sweating. Then it’s all the horror story behind.

Find the clues of the stories

An abandoned hospital for many years. It was inevitable that it was messy and dirty everywhere. There are also scattered objects. There are several things that lead to different clues. About the story and past of Santa Monica hospital. Maybe the objects will contribute to the storyline. As if to further reinforce the mystery happening at this place. Why does it happen and is there a way to solve everything? Follow the reporter to find the most accurate answer for yourself. Feel the mystery and pull from the depths of darkness.

Mental Hospital VI mod

Like to advertise an upcoming horror movie. The details in Mental Hospital VI are shown very nicely. Although following a lot of the trends of many famous horror products. But the game still has a charm of its own. With lots of action to the heart. Sometimes he crept as quietly and as quietly as he could. This is an old experience that is very new for you. Download now Mental Hospital VI mod to go into this horror abandoned mental hospital.

Download Mental Hospital VI MOD APK (Unlimited Battery) for Android

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