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Soul Knight MOD 2.6.8 (Unlimited Gems, Menu, Free Shopping)

by Thuỷ Dương


Soul Knight is a game that perfectly combines RPG and shooting by ChillyRoom. You will enjoy the mission the publisher sets for each player. To be more precise, you soon become addicted to the charismatic gameplay at each level. Soul Knight MOD has more great support with many free features, experience simple high-end items. Players are like participating in a big mission to save the world before a great problem. Knowing that it’s all simulated, but are you willing and persistent to overcome them?

The magic stone that works to maintain the balance of the world has been stolen by aliens. Now you have to find it again to return to its original state. The disadvantage is emerging but ignores it to focus on what needs to be done. The Soul Knight has all the weapons needed to fight when needed. You are equipped with unlimited attack power. Everything is relatively complete, next you need to play the main character and fight!

Download Soul Knight MOD – Huge weapon system

Soul Knight features 270+ different weapons. If you just play through the speakers, it is not possible to use all of them. Not only diverse in number but weapons in the game are also very rich. It is not difficult to get the island in the position you want. Choose a powerful gun and then do what you like. However, the player also needs to control the situation well to not be trapped by the enemy. Maybe just one minute of not paying attention is that you have to get the unwanted outcome.

Each character is a hero

Besides weapons, the character is also a key factor. According to ChillyRoom, they call them all heroes. If you are wondering why then definitely not read or think carefully about what you said from the beginning. Their call for heroes like heroes because they are engaged in the noble mission of saving the world. Facing aliens of different genres, we also have many choices of characters. You seek the right style to role-playing the best.

Multiplayer mode attractive

If you want to play with friends, Soul Knight can support you easily. Just by connecting with Wifi or via Bluetooth, many players can interact with each other more easily. In fact, this is also a feature that is controversial because many players are not near each other, they can not play together. You can easily read those comments on Google Play or Appstore.

What features does the Soul Knight MOD have?

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited raw materials, seeds, items
  • Infinite easter eggs
  • Unlock all characters
  • Unlock the entire outfit
  • Unlock all skills
  • Unlock all pets
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Unlock the entire plot in the garden
  • Unlock all works of Magic Well, Fish Tank, Holy Statue, Beverage Vending Machine …
  • Free craft
  • Infinite Mana.
  • Quick cooldown support.

Soul Knight fighting game is not to be missed for anyone who loves action games. You are free to fight your way. Planning based on thinking makes the game different from other players. The new map system is constantly updated as the new breeze in each game screen. Download Soul Knight hacked apk continues to fulfill its noble mission to bring the world back to its original balance.

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