Super Crime Iron Hero Robot MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited mana, skills)

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NameSuper Crime Iron Hero Robot APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited mana, skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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On the market, there are many different types of simulation and role-playing games. And it seems, that most of those games are limited to characters. But the opposite of this. Coming to the game Super Crime Iron Hero Robot, you can become whoever you want. From a hero, everyone respects to an avenger ready to shoot and kill anything that gets in your way. And you know. Vegas is a great city but full of sin. It is a place where many criminals gather. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Super Crime Iron Hero Robot is a game from the house of HGames-ArtWorks. With over 10 million downloads. The game simulates a city with a third-person perspective mixed with an FPS mode. In the game, as a boss. Be the leader in the fight against enemies in the town of a neighborhood. Interspersed with countless enormous tasks. But most of the player’s task is to free the people from the assaults of the gangs. So, what will you do to rescue innocent people and quell street riots? Download Super Crime Iron Hero Robot now to become a brave hero sweeping the evils right away.

Super Crime Iron Hero Robot mod

Download Super Crime Iron Hero Robot mod – become a superhero to rule the whole city

In Super Crime Iron Hero Robot, a Las Vegas city appears extremely lavish and beautiful. But now is being sunk by the crimes of notorious gangs. Carrying a great, noble task. City defense. You need to be ready to give yourself up. Don’t hesitate to rob, shoot, or kill to fight the enemies. Constantly upgrade your hero to take down the guilty in a short amount of time. Steal the cars with a wide range of equipment. You can encounter many types of vehicles in reality. For example, a top-notch BMM, a genuine F-90 or sitting on a bunker helicopter. Shoot down all the villains. With all the equipment, and high level, then becoming a superhero is simple, right? So are you ready for this adventurous journey?

Super Crime Iron Hero Robot apk

Explore the beautiful city

With a third-person perspective, players can easily observe and move operations on the phone screen. The entire city of Las Vegas appears extremely alive. Sky-high buildings to busy streets. You will have to climb mountains or hang yourself on sky-high buildings. Sometimes you will encounter beautiful green grasslands or barren highlands. It even snows in winter. The image contained within this city is a multitude of crimes. It seems that every road has different things happening. Your task is to clear this road. Bring peace and quiet to everyone around.

Super Crime Iron Hero Robot mod apk

Special powers

That’s right; the player Super Crime Iron Hero Robot will be the one to carry a very noble responsibility. The character will contain many excellent skills. The player’s job is to adjust these skills accordingly. Simple movement operation, combined with a mini-map with full parameters displayed on the screen. You can easily control the actions of the character. Please pay close attention. The hero’s eyes in the game can emit laser beams that greatly damage enemies. Or when climbing tall buildings. You just need a sturdy rope. Climbing to the top of the building will become extremely easy. The character’s legs are a strong point. Take advantage of it when needed. One small caveat is that the police around the area are nice people. So don’t touch them.

Super Crime Iron Hero Robot android

Interesting multi-tasking

Take part in dangerous but equally interesting missions in Super Crime Iron Hero Robot. And most of these missions usually take place on the streets of Las Vegas; some will take place on the roads of China. The variety of tasks makes it impossible for you to get bored. Super secret missions. Detect important information on the enemy side. Break into army barracks, mafia gangs, or other rebels. Fight against enemies from all over the world like America, China, Russia, and Japan…

Super Crime Iron Hero Robot apk free

With sharp graphics, combined with gameplay errors easy way to teleport, Super Crime Iron Hero Robot gives players a great feeling. How to build diverse and unique character images. Combined with the whole city context, the player seems to be immersed in the character. The sound has a fast-paced rhythm that brings surprises to the player. This is a game that brings a lot of different emotions. Download Super Crime Iron Hero Robot mod to become a city hero.

Download Super Crime Iron Hero Robot MOD APK (Unlimited mana, skills) for Android

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