Mine Hunter MOD APK (God mode) 1.5

Updated on 17/09/2022 (7 months ago)
NameMine Hunter APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Mine Hunter is a roguelike action role-playing game fully showcased in a unique pixel art style. Once upon a time, the Abyss army spawned a host of monsters with the aim of destroying the world. Fortunately, the people here unanimously repelled them and imprisoned them underground. The life of the villagers returned to the peaceful days before. Not long after that, an orphan boy named Marson was accidentally dropped into a mine shaft. Then you will play as this boy Marson and face many monsters that are imprisoned down here. When he first fell, he was almost killed.

After being rescued from the hands of death, Marson decided to stay in the mines with the hunters. Embark on an adventure in the mines to find and destroy the forces of darkness. The process of a roguelike RPG game repeats in a familiar way. But have you ever played this genre in the color of Pixel art? It brings a different perspective on art. Maybe the pixel art style is quite old and picky to play. But from time to time play sophisticated, imaginative genres. You can go back to pixel art to find things that are classic and simple. Destroy all the youkai’s intention to emerge from the ground.

Mine Hunter android

Download Mine Hunter mod – Extinguish the rising hope of the dark forces in the mines

After understanding the plot and goals of Marson in Mine Hunter. Immediately embark on the work of maintaining world peace. First, you need to run, jump over the path full of pitfalls in the mines. With the main character attached, there are techniques like no other. Each hero will carry a different fighting style. Choose the character that best suits your fighting style. Bring your pet along to help you on this thorny path. The topographic map of the mine is placed in the right corner of the screen. Track the location of the youkai and the exit from the vault for yourself.

Mine Hunter apk

Army of Heroes

The boy Marson is brought to 4 different primary interfaces by Mine Hunter. We get to choose between 4 heroes and an accompanying pet. Boy Marson with blue hair and signature glasses. The black outfit is dotted with red gloves and a necklace. Accompanying him is the purple tornado boy. The blonde best friend always wears a big brown backpack. This heroic girl is more about defense and auxiliary skills than attack. The white-haired boy with a gray face and a gray cape. You can tell by looking at this guy that he’s the attack type. Your pet gray-haired is a ghost mixed with purple and green. Choose the right hero.

Mine Hunter apk free

Upgrade equipment

To participate in the fighting game, the heroes will be given clothes and weapons. The beginner starts with only a few basic equipment for the player to participate in the battle. After collecting gold, silver and E coins, players will go to the shop to buy clothes. A maximum of 6 things each hero can carry. Includes armor, backpack, scythe, watch, pet, navigation goggles. To increase combat power, upgrade these equipment. Experience Exp, increase spirit speed, stamina,… collect these items. Then press the spin button to assimilate them to level up your equipment. Skill and health stats are in the upper left corner.

Mine Hunter mod apk

Countless special skills

After each victory of a level, Mine Hunter will release 3 skill cards to the player. These letter cards will be different and the strength will depend on the difficulty of the copy. The Rune Of Life card helps the player recover 30% of HP. HP is the player’s blood energy source. Use this card in an emergency to restore 30% of mana. Rune of Wealth card to collect 300 Ap. In addition, additional equipment rings, rings, clothes, … Ring of Shock card increases 2 in 12 speed levels. There are also special cards that only appear when there is a weekly event or a monthly event. These skill and card buttons will appear on the right corner of the screen.

Mine Hunter mod

With four separate dungeon areas in Mine Hunter. Each person will have their enemies, traps and missions in each area. Locations include Spider Nest, Forest Mine, Toxic Swamp, Abyss of Forest Mine. To open new quest areas need to complete the requirements of the old location. Spider Nest areas will have a giant red spider. They were stronger than the monsters scattered around the mines. Download Mine Hunter mod to enter the mines and destroy the intentions of the dark army.

Download Mine Hunter MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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