Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) 2.0.5

Updated on 29/07/2022 (10 months ago)
NameSupreme 3D Stickman Duelist APK
PublisherBOLD CAT
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist is a fighting game, but the gameplay is more uncomplicated. When experiencing the game, you become a stickman and must be the last survivor. With simple gameplay, you won’t have to think hard about what to use. You also do not need to hold paper, take a pen to write down information, or develop appropriate strategies. It’s very simple, and you just need to control the character, rotate the weapon, and deal damage to the opponent. You can also use one finger to play the game and another to enjoy a cup of coffee when you win.

This is an idle game, suitable for gamers who need to relieve stress after a day. The game also has quite gentle graphics, no gore or unnecessary stress. For each battle, the game will have different battlefields. You can meet opponents under the moonlit night, fight in a forest, or even survive in a desert. The game also has another system of costumes, waiting for players to bring back to the closet. You can buy yourself a warrior’s suit with armor and shield. Or an appearance of a zombie. In addition to the appearance, the game also has an infinite number of weapons with their power. Play Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist to swing weapons, defeat your opponents, and become the last survivor.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod

Download Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod – Fight in a simple but engaging way

Perhaps at present, fighting stickman games are no longer strange to everyone. However, Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist is a game with a unique characteristic. The game will not force players to spend too much time researching characters or skills. Players also do not need to have a headache, wondering how to plan the battle. In short, this is a very simple fighting game. The game builds a system of costumes with countless different skins for you to choose from. The number of weapons is also diverse, and each sword and ax has its unique power. In addition, the game also creates instrumental skills to help players win.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist apk

Variety of character costumes

When starting to play the game, the game will give the player a basic character, with a suit like in the movie Squid Game. However, when you check the item of costumes, gamers will have to exclaim in surprise. The game gives the player many extra pages to unlock and buy. Don’t worry that it will be difficult for you to buy them, because the gold and diamonds you earn can help. You have it if you want to be a mighty warrior with iron armor. And if you want to look like a pirate, the game also has that skin for you. In addition, the game also has significantly trending skins like Huggy Wuggy, a globally famous game character.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod apk 1

Various weapons

Initially, the player has only one sword, which is no different except for 8 attack points. The attack and damage will be pretty tricky, but what if you have other weapons. The game has a total of 24 different weapons waiting for players to own. Each weapon has different stats, the more expensive, the higher the index, the more attractive. The sword costs 200 gold, has 9 damage, and only 1% crit chance. But with the 2700 gold ax, it has a damage stat of 22.4% crit chance and can stun for up to 0.2 seconds. Besides, there are 9 weapons with high combat attributes. Including a sword that can deal 33 damage in one slash and has a 12% critical chance.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist android 1

Multiple game modes

The game offers three extremely attractive game modes. The first is the campaign mode, where the player will fight an enemy in the early levels. In later levels, the number of enemies increases; after winning, you will receive gold and diamonds. You can use those rewards to buy more powerful weapons or outfits you like. Next is the survival mode, which proves you are a strong survivor. When finishing an enemy, the next enemy will appear; of course, they will become stronger. Finally, the multiplayer mode, perhaps without much explanation about this mode. You will have to beat other players with different weapons and skills.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist apk free

Another bright point of this game is that there are other stats to upgrade. Players can boost health, increase movement speed, or increase critical damage. Gamers can also upgrade their healing or respawn percentage. With many character costumes, the number of weapons is up to dozens of different types. Besides, there are game modes for gamers to experience and entertain. Download Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod, pick up your weapon, and survive now!

Download Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) for Android

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