Shooting Skull MOD APK (Menu, God mode) 1.0.1

Updated 19/09/2022 (1 year ago)
NameShooting Skull APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Shooting Skull

Shooting Skull is an action game between skeletons and deformed monsters. The fantasy world has no interference from humans or other hostile forces. Although the setting is full of monsters and human bones, Shooting Skull shapes them into cute and sympathetic cartoon characters. Play as Princess Mononoke at the head of an army of monsters. Take them to participate in battles, strength training day and night. The mobile game is set in the background of the screen along the road to help players easily give attacks, one-handed operation can still destroy the person in front.

As soon as you press the ready-to-battle button, the player is taken to a long stretch of land covered with green grass. On this strip of land are placed blocks of stone or wood in a certain shape. Considered as an obstacle or as a cover for the player or the enemy. Increased difficulty when firing colored spells. Around the two sides of the road are tall wooden forests, and are the territory that the player cannot escape. This level connects to the next level through a wooden bridge that spans the two areas. Or as soon as the player receives the winning notification. There is a circle of blue light appearing at the end of the path.

Shooting Skull apk free

Download Shooting Skull mod – Princess Mononoke and the army of zombies on the way to destroy the enemy

The operations in Shooting Skull take place simply and quickly. Focus on the player’s combat ability. After the player chooses skill cards of different elements. Then just customize the firing line, and control the fireballs. Confirm the enemy’s position, move your finger to move, and release your finger to shoot at the enemy. On the way to this adventure, Princess Mononoke also has the opportunity to meet like-minded teammates. Random players are paired with each other and participate in the battle to destroy the enemy. The number of rewards and experience received are equivalent.

Shooting Skull android

Various skills

Shooting Skull brings a series of skills belonging to 5 different element types. Includes ice, darkness, drugs, fire, and thunder. Each skill system will include different small skills with uneven impact force. There are both offensive and defensive skills interwoven between the systems. Like a series of red fire-type skills such as double arrows, super-fast arrows, fire-emitting arrows, … The ice system has a distinctive blue color with frozen moves and shields. ice, or icy vortex, … The drug system carries a strange green color with the symbol of a scary skull. Has a hypnotic move that causes enemies to freeze for a period of time.

Shooting Skull apk

Special upgrade

Shooting Skull sets goals like a column of action for the player. Every time a request is completed in the table, the player can receive the rewards here. Or you can upgrade the characters with purple gems to increase the fighting power of the monsters. For example, with two purple gems, the player can increase the character’s combat power by 20 units. Just accumulate arrows to increase the level and strength of your character. Completing a goal, the player receives ten swords, 20 hearts…Increasing the reward units through the difficulty of the quests that Princess Mononoke must complete.

Shooting Skull mod apk

Boss fight

At the beginning of the game screen, you will have to deal with the zombie soldiers that are released. They receive orders from the bosses behind to get in the way and destroy you. They take the form of zombies with purple hair. The clothes are also the same color with white silk bands wrapped around the body and hands. After defeating all these hordes, the boss monsters behind will appear. Depending on the level, they have different shapes and powers. There’s a purple-haired hero with a one-shot move that can hit three big slashes. Or archers with the ability to shoot blazing yellow forest fire arrows.

Shooting Skull mod

The motion effect that Shooting Skull creates makes you feel very prominent and attractive. Each shot or operation carries the colors that the elemental system the player is using carries. As the player’s skill leveled up to the legendary version, there were death balls spinning around the player. They limit enemy access to you. Just go in search of these deadly orbs once or twice. The zombies will also take damage and consume health. Follow the green bars above the enemy’s head to see their remaining health. Princess Mononoke wears a luminous suit and holds a bow of light. Download Shooting Skull mod to kill those who stand in the way.

How to Download & Install Shooting Skull MOD APK (Menu, God mode) for Android


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