Silly Royale MOD APK (Menu/Speed Move) 1.26.0

Updated 19/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameSilly Royale APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Speed Move
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Silly Royale MOD APK detail?

Speed Move
Max Light
Long Kill
Long Report

Introduce MOD APK Silly Royale

If you are looking for an action game without gore, interacting with many other players, the name Silly Royale MOD APK (Menu/Speed Move) will be an ideal choice where you are told your deduction to find out the secret of the game. Entertainment is suitable for people of all ages and discovers the story of what is happening inside this world.

Silly Royale APK mod owns a 3D graphics platform. With characters in the game designed in a fun cartoon style. Fits almost any configuration so that anyone can play this title game. How to play is simple, and the buttons are easy to manipulate, perform actions. Play Devil Amongst Us whenever and wherever you want because this is a pretty exciting and unique game.

Devil Amongst Us mod apk

Download Silly Royale mod – Search for the evil guy inside the haunted castle

When participating inSilly Royale APK 1.26.0, all players will enter a large, gloomy castle. The role of the characters will be chosen at random. Depending on that, to complete the assigned task. Watch out for everyone around because you won’t know who is good and who is evil. Try to survive to the end to win. If you are unfortunate enough to be the one to die, you can still turn into a ghost observing everyone until the game is over.

Usually, each game screen will be divided into two factions: fools and devils. The task of each side is to find a way to eliminate the opponent. But be careful because the demons will become impostors to blend in with the familiar people. Notify everyone immediately if someone’s body is discovered. If you have good teamwork and make people trust you, it will be a great success. At the end of the rally, choose a suspect to vote. Avoid choosing the wrong innocent. Otherwise, the devil will win this match.

Devil Amongst Us mod apk android

Spooky story

There is a massive castle in the middle of a vast forest, inside which evil spirits have been residing for many years. If you want to survive, you must complete the set tasks. Every player must complete their assigned task before being approached by an impostor. These guys will always stalk when someone is alone, and if you don’t take precautions, death will happen. Gather everyone to play again when they see the corpses of their fellows, reason with each other to choose the suspect. Whether you can win or not will depend on you and your teammates.

Devil Amongst Us mod

New game mode

To avoid players getting bored, Silly Royale MOD APK always finds ways to update with more new things. When entering the Play part of the game, you will choose 1 of 3 game modes: Hide&Seek, Jail Break, and Murder Mystery. Please read the gameplay carefully before trying out a new way of playing. The missions and time limits of each mode will also be different. So players need to find a way to make their character survive to the end. Everything depends on your skills, how to control the map, reasoning ability.

Devil Amongst Us mod free

Choose your character

As soon as you enter the game, you can edit the character with many different shapes. You can change three things: skin color, hat, and outfit in the game’s menu. There are many character images to choose from, such as zombie suits, knights, prehistoric costumes, dinosaurs… Unlock gradually to own a stylish fashion store. Put on clothes that no other player has tried on. Customize your character to your liking right now.

Devil Amongst Us mod android

More new friends

This is an online game, so players can invite their friends to play together. To communicate with each other on the game screen, there are two ways to talk or chat. If you want to reconnect with friends from the previous game or make new friends, add that person to your friend list. Let’s play together and talk to each other. Devil Amongst Us is a place where people communicate with each other in many different areas. Create fun through fun short levels.

Devil Amongst Us mod apk free android

It can be said that Silly Royale mod is an exciting entertainment game for everyone. All activities that take place are exchanged with friends, complete tasks to win. Along with the cuteness of the characters with funny expressions, soft and smooth sounds. The context is carefully built-in in combination with a lively plot. This is a great game to entertain in your spare time. Join this game now for the most exciting experience!

How to Download & Install Silly Royale MOD APK (Menu/Speed Move) for Android


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