Talking Tom Blast Park MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Updated on 25/01/2021 (2 years ago)
NameTalking Tom Blast Park APK
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Talking Tom Blast Park marks Tom’s return with an exciting new mission. Tom and his friends are planning to build the park, but unfortunately, the pandas have come here to destroy everything. To make sure the park is built, help your character destroy the vandals that are here. The land is full of Rakoonz, using weapons and causing them to pay dearly for their actions. Talking Tom Blast Park is a story for players to experience a game mode with many interesting action situations. Walk around the area that will become a park in the future, and you’ll find pandas everywhere.

The pandas are very crowded, they act like a gang of robbers. All the parts were supposed to be toys in the park but were stolen by them. With no other choice, Tom must find each Rakoonz and destroy them. Equipped with a powerful gun, with just one bullet you can destroy them. Take Tom to every corner of Talking Tom Blast Park to make the pandas have to give up their intentions. This would have become a peaceful place that preserves many people’s childhoods but has been destroyed by bad guys.

Talking Tom Blast Park mod

Download Talking Tom Blast Park mod – Destroy pandas that destroy your park

Talking Tom Blast Park was built by Outfit7’s team in the series My Tom. Each gameplay created for the cat Tom many tasks. And in this game is to chase the pandas to start the construction of the amusement park. But the more you go, the more pandas destroy the park. Not only stealing things, but they also smashing everything. Perhaps looking at that scene Tom’s mood is very frustrating, but let’s focus on finding the pandas. They can be considered your enemies at Talking Tom Blast Park. Everything is working correctly, your job now is to touch the panda and make it explode.

Talking Tom Blast Park mod download

Use weapons to attack

If you are someone who has played many games related to Tom, you already understand the action game but still have cute nature. The weapon in this game is no exception, you are chosen to start the panda quest. Bubble Blaster, Plunger Bow, The Toaster … are among your choice of weapons. Let those who destroy the park day and night have a bitter taste. I quite like blowing them up and making them smoke when I stick my head out. Admittedly, though, your entire park is surrounded by vandalism.

Talking Tom Blast Park mod apk

Face off against Rakoon Captains

Surely you are also wondering if they have the leader or not? The answer is yes, Rakoon Captains is the one who has the leading role of the pandas. The player takes a lot of effort and time to defeat him. When the leader is defeated you will make the will of the bears wobble. Maybe they will give up their inherent wrong intentions. In addition, Golden Gears is what the player will receive while unlocking many new lands.

Restoring the park

Not only chasing pandas and co, but you also need to restore the park by retrieving stolen items. For example, the horse cannot function without wheels, find the missing things and get it back to normal. Do not ignore any items of the pandas, the most likely is the object in the park. Please stop and pick up items if possible. This is a long adventure, you do not need to rush.

Talking Tom Blast Park mod android

Talking Tom Blast Park with a new mission for Tom. The park cannot be constructed if a panda gang is present. Stop their vandalism and begin restoring parts of the park. Using powerful guns causes enemies to explode. Download Talking Tom Blast Park mod with Tom to every place in the area that is controlled by pandas.

Download Talking Tom Blast Park MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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