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Updated 05/11/2023 (5 months ago)
NameShark World APK
PublisherTap Pocket
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Shark World

A sea is always a prominent place that always contains many interesting things hidden deep in the ocean. We will have a more exciting view of the creatures living in the deep sea through Shark World. Following the instructions of the mysterious characters, we will do all kinds of exciting activities to feel the ocean. Become a sea lord and build a kingdom of unique creatures. Raise the fish so that they can perform many interesting tasks for us. Indeed when experiencing Shark World, we will feel like relaxing and resting. Along with that is the work of building beautiful pieces under the ocean.

It is a game in the form of construction and resource management. Shark World gives you mastery over everything under the sea. From creating and nurturing the creatures that live down there. Create a whole society like never before. Throughout the game’s journey are new upgrades and improvements. Collect as many fishes as you can. Defend the undersea kingdom from many outside forces. The flourishing society of fishes will now officially begin.

Shark World mod

Download Shark World mod – Society of diverse shark species

Shark World focuses mainly on shark species that you may know. Plus creatures you’ve never seen before. You will be the one who plays a crucial role in creating them along with the construction of underwater works. Create a variety of environments suitable for sharks to live together there. You will also have quests to perform to earn extra income and experience. It can be said that this is a very new ocean version city building game. Instead of humans and terrestrial creatures, we will run a society of aquatic fishes that will build and create the first sharks for the kingdom…

Construction will begin in a place with a small location and scale. Initially, there will be a not too large amount of money along with a certain amount of resources. Once you have completed specific tasks, upgrade them to many new higher levels. From there, there are conditions to expand the land to many different places. After a certain amount of time, we will create a vast shark kingdom.

Shark World mod free

Various shark species

Perhaps up until now, you could only know the common shark species. With Shark World, we can add a lot of knowledge about other shark species. Famous examples are hammerhead sharks, angel sharks… You will have the right to own and nurture all those fishes from a variety of mystical eggs. After hatching a baby fish, nourish them with food until they grow up. Then put them in suitable environments to be able to live normally. Even if you have the opportunity, you can own a scarce ancient shark species. That is Megalodon with many special powers and stats.

Shark World mod apk free

Create a peaceful society

Along with nurturing the fish, you also have to create the right environment to live comfortably. Use money and resources to develop suitable populations for certain shark species. Build structures to provide food or to hatch eggs. You can also upgrade them if you reach the required level. In addition, putting sharks in the necessary environments will help them increase their strength significantly. If you don’t want everything to be monotonous and boring, buy a few more decorations. A little fresh color to make the ocean more beautiful would be great.

Shark World mod apk

Directed many battles

You will decide if they are already eligible to participate in battles or not. The battlefield will revolve around fishes fighting with each other. It may not sound exciting, but you will have to think again. Each battle will feature two pairs of sharks. They will fight until the opponent’s health bar is deleted when your sharks reach a certain level, they will grow up. . It all depends on how you nurture and train them. If you have enough confidence, participating in the fish arena will not be too difficult.

Shark World free

Through this game, you can learn a lot more exciting things about creatures under the water. Realize the social management of the real grown and giant shark. Make sure the species live to the fullest and most happily. Create an environment of your dreams of the vast, vast but beautiful seabed without being scary in Shark World mod.

How to Download & Install Shark World MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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