Clicker Cats MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 1.1.5

Updated 24/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameClicker Cats APK
PublisherPlatonic Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4 +
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Introduce MOD APK Clicker Cats

Clicker Cats is a game for those who love animals, especially cats. Players will transform into super cute cats to perform daily tasks. This is a role-playing game that helps you feel comfortable at rest. You seem to be lost in a new world, extremely lovely. Everything will become relatively peaceful and light. But there will be no shortage of unexpected and exciting situations. Let’s wait together.

The story opens with the character Kit, who has just received a small pub from his grandmother. He has a burning intention to repair and redecorate this pub. Aim to attract heroes from all over the world to come here to relax. The second purpose is to enjoy a peaceful moment after adventurous adventures. The game allows you to play individually or actively participate in battles against super-powerful bosses. Behind each general are their short stories. You can capture the wandering life of each cat warrior. From there, you will learn more about the diverse personality of each general.

Clicker Cats mod

Download Clicker Cats mod – to participate in super cute battles

That’s right, and you’re not mistaken. It was such a lovely battle. Cats in hero costumes, holding weapons against enemies. The enemies here are not robots or ugly monsters. Your enemies are familiar creatures like ladybugs, bees, or flowers. Attacking them continuously helps you get more gold coins, lucky four-leaf clovers, and open treasure chests. In each battle, you don’t need to move at all. Just touch the enemy repeatedly until the enemy runs out of health; you will win. Sounds simple right? But later on, the boss will be stronger. You also need to recruit more cat heroes.

Clicker Cats apk

Come up with a brilliant strategy

The game is a journey to find buried treasures. The cat hero has to explore many areas with different maps. Each region is a new land with many new enemies. In the first level of play, the enemies are few; you can fight independently. But later on, you need to buy more cat heroes. At that time, you will not have to come out; just stand behind the cat commander. Using a cat champion with a weapon will defeat the monster bee, flower, and butterfly… faster. When you find yourself weak in battle, don’t hesitate to recruit other cat generals. The appearance of each cat is also highly diverse such as a bow-wielding cat, a mage cat or a reading cat, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to collect gold coins to help you maintain the pub and remodel it.

Clicker Cats mod apk

Raise Hero’s Strength

You know, after each battle, the character will be reduced in strength relatively much. So are your feline generals. The player strengthens the hero’s power by upgrading the generals. Each character has a name that makes it easier for you to control the generals. Players can know the strength level of the cat warrior. When you have enough money, level up each general. This will help speed up the time of each battle. In addition, players can also unlock more adorable cat warriors. Collect more super cute pets on the way to  Dragonia castle.

Clicker Cats android

Pub decoration

Behind each Clicker Cats level, players will receive items to remodel the tavern that Kit owns. Players will redecorate the pub with the most minor things. Add rugs and tables in the dining room. You can also plant more pots to help the room become more harmonious. You can also change the color of the general’s bedroom with the same tone or various other colors. Players can arbitrarily add and remove items in the pub, so be creative to make the shop beautiful. Each room user can design with a different room also because this will diversify the choices of guests who are cat generals.

Clicker Cats apk free

Clicker Cats is created in a lovely way, so the embodiment of each character has its cuteness. Players also receive more than 1000 items. And also, don’t forget to receive a daily preferential furniture gift from the mink dealer. How to create a cat warrior with a quick and robust appearance. Players also have more experience in controlling and witnessing the process of attacking the dungeon of cats. Gentle drawings along with funny sounds will bring you a relaxed mood. Download Clicker Cats mod to participate in the super-loving battles of cat warriors.

How to Download & Install Clicker Cats MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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