Days of Doom MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money, resources) 1.18.10

Updated 30/08/2022 (1 year ago)
NameDays of Doom APK
PublisherAtari, Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Days of Doom

The post-apocalyptic world seems to be a rather needy and dangerous time for us. Let Days of Doom take you to a more in-depth look at the issue. Lead your most elite warriors to fight the undead. Protect structures and innocent people left behind after disasters. Dominate the battlefields with top-notch skills that no one can resist. Survive in the harshest and most brutal world.

Days of Doom is a game that will give you a new and extraordinary perspective. We will not have combat movements coming from the characters. Instead, there are only skill effects when characters perform attacks. But do not think that this game becomes dull and sketchy. Not at all, because the producer will focus on creating the most potent and excellent character. Create a new angle and bold apocalypse context brought to you.

Days of Doom mod

Download Days of Doom mod – Defend and build your land

A group of people evacuated from the disaster to flee and find the perfect place for themselves. They have found the ideal place to start rebuilding a new life. But this place is not as good as in the dream. This planet exists as a dangerous and bloodthirsty undead race. They are ready to tear anyone they see in just a few short seconds. A team of heroes has been formed to fight that terror. You will be the one to lead this squad to fight those ferocious creatures. The two sides will attack each other in turn, and only the most potent side will survive.

Days of Doom mod free

Meet the heroes

We will have many outstanding individuals proposed to this powerful bodyguard. Each character has a unique appearance and unique fighting style. They will possess three skills that allow them to deploy their special attacks. We have Leo with the ability to wield two extremely sharp knives with incredible speed. Allen, with his superior ax skill, quickly split the undead in two. Trix can use his baseball bat to crush opponents. Besides, there are many other candidates you can add to the squad. Make appropriate choices so as not to lead to an imbalance in combat.

Collect items

In fighting, we need to have weapons that are good enough to use and support different situations. So you need to find your character items that have that ability. These objects will be distinguished by strength based on the color of the frame. The weakest will be white, then blue, and finally purple. The higher the rarity, the more stats they add to the character. For example, an old gun will have 8% bonus damage to the surface. But with a special homemade weapon can add up to 13% damage and 4% slow. Note that you should find the right things for the character, or it will be less effective.

Days of Doom mod apk

Dangerous monsters

The undead is the opponents you will always have to watch and fight off every time they attack. Therefore, it is imperative to know who you are dealing with. We have colossal undead that can significantly reduce your damage. The female undead has sharp nails that can deal massive amounts of damage. Some have a stout appearance with the ability to explode at any moment. You are facing these monsters. We need to be very attentive and careful. Try to prioritize destroying the most critical targets first. Unleash a considerable amount of damage with ultimate moves to wipe them out.

Days of Doom mod android

PvP combat

In addition to the undead, you can ultimately find other leaders and confront them. All will be fought in a fiery PvP arena with many unique locations. Rest assured that the opponent you meet will have the same strength as your squad. This will help you avoid unwanted, overwhelming defeats. Use all your skills and tactics to suppress the enemy. Please don’t allow them to create advantages to make you miserable. If we win, we can get many valuable rewards and complete a few tasks.

To strengthen quickly in Days of Doom mod, you need to learn about everything carefully. From characters, equipment to skills and their opponents. From there, know how to build an effective strategy and work hard.

How to Download & Install Days of Doom MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money, resources) for Android


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