Shadowgun Legends MOD APK (Menu/Wallhack/Droneview) 1.4.6

Updated 18/05/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameShadowgun Legends APK
PublisherMADFINGER Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Wallhack/Droneview
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Shadowgun Legends

Approach the shooter from a completely different perspective with Shadowgun Legends. The FPS shooter series has a history of existence and development that is too famous. Nearly everyone knows a few shooting games and even has many memorable memories. And following the relentless success of this genre, every year, there are many more shooting games born. Shadowgun Legends is the perfect example of the games that followed and still succeeded. It will no longer be the usual police and terrorist scene. We will carry out the campaign on many planets in the universe and mysterious alien forces.

Enjoy Shadowgun Legends, a brand new FPS shooting game on mobile platform. Converging all the factors that have made the success of the shooter series. Players will still see the battle between different factions. Multiple guns with distinct functions and varied uses. However, the context has been completely changed. Instead of fighting on earth, the warriors in Shadowgun Legends will travel into endless space. There are planets where evil forces reign. Let’s do the liberation of those planets with your top-notch shooting skills.

Shadowgun Legends mod

Download Shadowgun Legends mod – Interplanetary campaign in space

Each chapter of Shadowgun Legends is a war on any planet scattered throughout the universe. You and your teammates are all astronauts on the spaceship. Equipped with the most advanced weapons to prevent bad situations from happening. Indeed, monsters invade the planets they go to. There are even civilizations that possess a lot of dangerous weapons. The team will rely on the strategy outlined to begin attacking the enemy base. Use a variety of guns from the future with various secondary weapons. Turns the ruined wasteland created by the enemy back to normal.

Accompanying that story are battles with game mechanics that are not too difficult to get used to. You will play as a first-person combat crew. Use your finger to rotate the view back and forth in all directions. The main weapons used in battle are guns, melee weapons, bombs… They all come from the future, with beautiful effects and significant damage. Aim at enemies to fire and knock them down quickly. Look for opportunities to destroy aliens thoroughly. The content of the battle is always long and gives you the most difficult challenges.

Shadowgun Legends mod apk

Build combat tools

To directly confront the enemy, equipment is needed. There are more than 700 different guns in Shadowgun Legends. There are basic types that are unlocked at the start of the game, and others need to be upgraded or purchased to own. They are all familiar guns such as rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, heavy machine guns, rockets… Significantly, these weapons have been improved with a completely new appearance. Make them look like they’re from the future. You can’t just have a gun and forget about defensive armor. Their number is even more significant, with 1000 diverse armor sets. You can also design your version with custom paint and stickers.

Shadowgun Legends mod apk free

Enemies are everywhere

Story mode takes you to a lot of different planets in the universe. Here people have to fight and survive for their mission. In addition to being equipped with weapons, the races also have a lot of special abilities. Leading them is a giant boss, the final destination to complete each campaign. In addition to the plot, we can encounter many other races in War Game Arenas and Special Dungeons modes. These extra modes will be the source of your resources instead of a specific storyline. Materials obtained in these modes are extremely useful to upgrade weapons and armor for characters. Increase your ability to fight in more complicated challenges to win.

Shadowgun Legends mod free

Confront other players

If you’re bored with PvE, switch to PvP for a completely new exchange. Because this is the gathering place for other players around the world, meet them in pubs or shops to make friends and co-op together in many complex battles. Sometimes try your best and build a strategy with your teammates in team mode. There are many different methods, but the most popular is still scoring. The team with the most kills after a while will win. Besides adding sociality, the PvP modes also improve your coordination skills with others. Find your great team and hit the big leagues.

Shadowgun Legends free

Shadowgun Legends mod converges all the most exciting elements into an FPS shooting game that you cannot ignore. Complete the plot and find the hope of humanity with the power of weapons and strategy. Collect resources to power up in PvE. Make friends and create unique strategies in PvP to prove to your opponents that you are a formidable man.

How to Download & Install Shadowgun Legends MOD APK (Menu/Wallhack/Droneview) for Android


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