Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD APK (God mode) 0.5.9

Updated on 17/11/2022 (3 months ago)
NameStick Fight – Prison Escape APK
PublisherMgif Studio
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Stick Fight – Prison Escape is a game built on the heroic element of fighting robots and their accomplices. Enemies have many different models and strengths that make it difficult for players to challenge. Laser robots, spider robots, dragons, and even bats and other evil things. Suppose you are highly confident in your ability to fight and face the upcoming challenges. Do not hesitate but come to Stick Fight – Prison Escape immediately to experience. Characters that already have powerful fighting abilities are waiting for you. With the advantage of intelligence, flexibility, and agility, you will quickly move forward.

For fans of fighting RPG titles with 2D visuals, it’s incredible. With the classical mechanics, fundamental physics, and balance of Stick Fight – Prison Escape is extremely easy to get used to. The object’s movement will be explained, easy to grasp, and extremely attractive. Although Stick Fight – Prison Escape is not too invested in graphics, this is a big highlight. Simple stick people will bring a battle that is not too dazzling but simple and addictive. Jump, dodge and avoid danger to keep your body unchanged. Stick Fight – Prison Escape will give you enemies that make you very careful.
Stick Fight Prison Escape andrdoi

Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD – Stickman’s journey

Coming to the game, you will be transported to a future period. To describe the plot of the game is extremely simple. Not about the gameplay or the image being too advanced. The player only has a few reasonably simple buttons. You will be able to use weapons to attack and destroy enemies within range. The use of skills is almost unlimited by number. The very essence of the 2D game style has been fully integrated into Stick Fight – Prison Escape. I guarantee the game will very quickly capture you emotionally.
Stick Fight Prison Escape apk free

Diverse and simple gameplay

We’ve all probably tried our hand at games like Mario. Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD is the same, only that you are just a stickman character. With just a few basic buttons like move, jump, and attack located right on the screen. They will help you interact with the texture and take on your challenge. In the rescue of the world, many dangers are waiting. Don’t be afraid to use your sword and cut it all down. Do not forgive any robot. That will undoubtedly bring disaster later.
Stick Fight Prison Escape mod apk

The variety of stickman characters

At Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD, you can build yourself a character to your liking. They are incredibly rich in appearance that suits your fighting style. For example, you can change hats, caps, and even a splendid crown. There are even many different types of weapons available for you to choose from for your character. For example, the pinwheel, the bread, the wand, and many more for you to discover. They will contribute to showing your fighting style.
Stick Fight Prison Escape mod free

Cute pets

On a difficult journey, you will not be alone in the slightest. The pets will accompany you on the whole arduous journey. They don’t do much but hover over your head, though. But surely, they will somewhat make the battle more exciting and less tedious. A variety of pet types are waiting for you to choose from. You have to participate in challenges and collect gold coins to unlock them. Thanks to that, more pets will come to you.
Stick Fight Prison Escape mod

Daily Wheel of Fortune

In addition to participating in intense battles, the lucky spins are also a highlight. Unfortunately, this straightforward method does not require much effort to earn resources. Instead of having to fight and destroy giant machines, you need to press a button n, and the resources will be complete. Thanks to that, accessories such as weapons or pets will not be too difficult for you to own all. Remember to check regularly to optimize your resources continually. They will help you a lot later on.

The characters are not profoundly built in terms of images, graphics, or plot. But with, beautiful gameplay will be a huge plus point of this game. Endless battles and arduous journeys will be what give you many unique feelings. A fight between you alone and dangerous enemies awaits. What will you do to overcome all the robots and win? Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape mod, and there will be hazardous enemies waiting for you.

Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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