Blade of Death MOD APK 1.0 (Menu, Unlimited money)

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NameBlade of Death APK
PublisherGlobal Joy Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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MOD Infomation

✶ Unlimited Money
✶ Unlimited Diamonds

Darkness has nurtured monsters so that they devour the world in Blade of Death. A brave warrior has stepped out and challenged every demon that invades the peaceful world. It would be best if you guided this warrior to advance and fight with unique abilities constantly. They will trust the warrior’s skills to hold and support combat. The monster boss stripped the hero of his power by defeating him in the way. Enter the monsters’ lair and defeat them to regain the strength of the heroes. Then, begin the journey to destroy monsters and avenge the boss who eroded his strength.

The monsters that came out of the darkness robbed the peace of the kingdom of light. Everywhere in the kingdom and everyone was covered and destroyed by dark monsters. Heroes who desire to protect the world come out and go into the darkness, searching for monsters. Their journey seems to be coming to an end when they meet the final dark boss. But the hero was exhausted from the difficulties caused by the shadow monsters behind him. They fell into a weak position only to receive defeat, and the monsters also consumed their strength. But they will not back down from the monster accompanying them on their journey.

Blade of Death android

Download Blade of Death mod – Dark Demon Slayer

The supreme gods protected the safety of the world of light from the monsters. But a dark boss with destructive power broke through the kingdom’s defenses. The monsters had turned a place full of life to ruin before the devastation. You are brought into this world and witness the enthusiasm of the brave heroes advance. They have overcome the obstacles, and victory seems right at hand. But the superiority of the monster boss’s strength was unimaginable. They have defeated the hero, and you need to rise to accompany them on the way to slay the demons.

Blade of Death mod apk

Lost power

A horde of monsters has appeared in this kingdom and established various bases. Each step forward was each time the knights needed to face large numbers. Brave heroes fight and pass each stage in turn before facing the boss. A dream informed them of his danger before the start of the war. But their faith in strength allows them to move forward and face the ultimate enemy. Fighting had begun, but the knights failed miserably against the powerful final boss. The monsters have eaten away the power, and the heroes need a companion to start the mission again.

Blade of Death apk

Challenge to regain strength

The knights were once mighty warriors trained from the dark with monsters. But they fail only because of the powerful boss and suffer the pain of losing their pride. Strength was the only thing that made them able to fight monsters, but now it was gone. You need to help the knights start over again and regain strength from the monsters. Many enemies in the adventure are what you help the hero train and find himself. Their fighting skills will once again begin to improve with each victory. Adventure monster dungeons and fight together to find their heroic nature.

Blade of Death mod

Combat weapons

The knights had dropped equipment during their quest to find and destroy monsters. Now they need to find them again and equip themselves so they can start fighting. Each knight will have a demon-slaying weapon because of their fighting style. But the knights still needed the equipment to fend off their attacks. Power was lost, and they couldn’t continue their journey without equipment. The heroes will soon find the equipment lost after defeating the boss. Adventure every dungeon and start conquering them again to collect equipment to fight monster bosses.

Blade of Death free

Darkness has nurtured thousands of monsters, and now they have been released into the kingdom. Monsters now ravaged the place protected by light all year round in every corner. Their appearance is an end to the long-standing existence of the whole kingdom. But fortunately, there are still knights who come out and are ready to stop the monsters out there. Those are the lucky ones who receive tremendous power from god, and their mission is the kingdom. Their battle journey had failed, but that was only the beginning of solid progress. Download Blade of Death mod to hold legendary weapons and destroy demons.

Download Blade of Death MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android

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