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Updated 18/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameLords of the Fallen APK
PublisherCI GAMES SA
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Lords of the Fallen

In this cruel world, the strong will survive, the weak will be destroyed. The typical world of this truth has always been Lords of the Fallen, where warriors manifest. They fight for the sake of purging evil from their kingdom. Do not let the darkness creep into the rows of houses where they live. Bring lasting peace to this land full of crops and trees. Justice never disappears as long as those who believe and continue to fight for it.

The best hand-to-hand combat action game of the year is now on your phone. Lords of the Fallen is the spiritual food that cannot be refused. Hand-to-hand combat between knights in attractive 3D graphics. Shining swords and massive armor on the fiercest battle. Only capable and gifted warriors can stand here. Test your super control skills on the touch screen. Great entertainment tool with a moderate amount of money to own it. Feel the hot breaths of the weapons clashing with the shouts of battle.

Lords of the Fallen mod download

Download Lords of the Fallen – Conquer the evil darkness

Knowing the evil plot of the demon queen, the heroes gathered to enter the abandoned monastery. From this monastery is the path leading to the death of the dark world. They must destroy this physical strength once and for all to eliminate the scourge of mankind. You will be an effective right hand to bring them to victory. Master the basic controls of Lords of the Fallen. Fight to accumulate more valuable experience for yourself. Overcome challenges from easy to difficult to hone your combat skills and maneuvers. When you become strong, no one can challenge your ultimate strength.

Lords of the Fallen mod android

Against giant monsters

Monsters born from darkness always obey the orders of the demon lord. She was the one who gave them power and controlled them. You have to be strong enough to be able to fight that flowing dark power. These guys are a lot bigger than you. Not only that, their attacks are more dangerous than normal monsters. During the battle, they can also change shape depending on the amount of health lost. Each time they transform, they become more dangerous, but also more fragile. Take advantage of their deadly weaknesses and hit them. If you can see how to attack then you have half the chance of winning.

Lords of the Fallen mod apk free

Create an invincible hero

You can build yourself a character in your direction. Choose a profession for them and start their long journey. These heroes will have their own way of fighting such as using magic or physical weapons. If you are a swordsman, your melee attacks will have higher damage, the amount of resistance is also greater. But maneuverability will be worse than other character classes. Or when you choose a mage, your magic power allows causing a huge amount of damage. These spells can create different effects on enemies. Once you’ve mastered your own playstyle, you’ll know how to overcome your character’s shortcomings.

Lords of the Fallen mod free

Forging weapons and armor

The smithy will be a place you often have to visit to change equipment. Here will forge legendary weapons and the most solid armor. Each weapon or armor will require a unique material to forge. When you collect enough you just press forge and a masterpiece will be in your hand in a flash. Admire the new power it gives your character. High rarity materials will be the most important for crafting legendary weapons Its attributes will be superior to those of the mass market. Find yourself a set of equipment that best suits your character. Never stop challenging the strongest monsters.

Lords of the Fallen mod apk

Once you have a good weapon, surviving on the battlefield will become even easier. But do not be subjective because if you receive their damage bluffly, you will also receive a very tragic end. Don’t underestimate the enemy unless you feel your strength and its level apart. The monsters of Lords of the Fallen mod will give you the greatest battle. Just being able to defeat them in the arena are the rewards that naturally belong to you. Precious things will fall out without you ever seeing them. The battle against darkness is never meaningless.

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