Shadow Siege MOD APK (Menu/ God mode, One hit, Dumb enemy) 0.0.1

Updated 21/03/2023 (9 months ago)
NameShadow Siege APK
PublisherDream Plus Games Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu/ God mode, One hit, Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Shadow Siege

Shadow Siege opens the battle of Japanese ninja heroes against the bastards hoarding the Yokai epidemic. This is a kind of disease that is creeping in the Japanese community. Wherever they go, they spread disease to humans. Those infected with this Yokai disease will become insanely massacred, leaving a miserable scar on the lives of the people here. Only your hands can stop their outgrowth. Use all the ninja skills you’ve learned to stop this wave of Yokai. Step by step bringing the town back to its original peaceful appearance, the people live peacefully with each other.

Yokai is an epidemic wave that is difficult to eradicate quickly. It spread to every corner of the town. There are also many ninjas around you who share the same vision and goals. That is to rebuild the town as prosperous and prosperous as ever. Unleash all the skills learned such as stealth, use darts, use swords… to attack the Yokai. Use cannon vehicles to destroy Yokai’s base. They reign on many different islands. Build magnificent castles and empires, outside there is a green membrane to protect from cannonballs. Shoot 2 to 3 times to be able to penetrate the defenses of enemies as well as other players.

Shadow Siege apk free

Download Shadow Siege mod – Defeat the Yokai that are sweeping and spreading misery everywhere

With just a simple swipe of the screen to launch hailstones or a variety of darts towards the enemy. To enter the Yokai base, you need to go through the gates of hell. It is modeled as the gate of a castle. Above is a white skull. This is the common symbol of the Yokai. There are many people infected with this disease, after infection, the eyes will turn black. And the boss, the oligarch causing this epidemic, is shaped like a dry skeleton. Skull-shaped face with pink black eyes. The head wears a shogun’s hat typical of the Japanese army. Holding a sharp ivory white sword.

Over 100 skill combos

The skill types in Shadow Siege are divided into five main themes. Including wind, lightning, earth, water, fire. Each of these five elements contains different operations and skills. Fire type can have fire dart rain skill. The player stands on a red magic circle. The movements or manipulations that the player shows will be covered with a layer of fire outside. Similar to the rest of the elements. Merge these elements to create your unique skills. Because each system includes many other skill cards. Therefore, based on probability can create deadly and limited skills. Make it your forte.

Shadow Siege apk

Many heroes

With the role-playing game genre, having many heroes is nothing new. Coming to Shadow Siege is a similar thing. With a treasure trove of hundreds of different heroes with unbeatable skills. The default character opening will be a ninja boy with a black robe. His face was innocent, but his eyes were filled with contempt. The striking orange shoulder-length hair with a grenade is always held in hand. After many levels open other special heroes. White haired ninja with fox mask. Comes with a Japanese ninja sword. There is also a ninja in the form of a brown wolf. Sharp eyes, brown clothes and red headscarf.

Shadow Siege mod

More than 1000 levels

The motif of Shadow Siege follows the story’s progression. With more than 1000 levels corresponding to more than 1000 different story chapters. The main goal is still to destroy the Yokai and rebuild the peaceful town as before. But these 1000 chapters will write a story from the beginning until you have to confront the boss behind. Corresponding to that is the gradually difficult level of the game screen. As the difficulty increases, the reward will also be more generous. Bring maps and storyboards to quickly follow the flow. When the gates of hell open, it’s time for you to confront the person behind it all.

Shadow Siege android

Whenever the player has trouble killing the enemy, ask for the support of teammates. But before engaging in the long war, build your city completely. Build an extra layer of protection if there is an attack from Yokai or players from other places. When you learn to break your entire castle, the money you have accumulated will fall into their hands. You can also spin the wheel of fortune. Choose one of three people to fire a cannon at their castle. After success will rob the money they currently have. Download Shadow Siege mod battle between ninjas and yokai.

How to Download & Install Shadow Siege MOD APK (Menu/ God mode, One hit, Dumb enemy) for Android


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